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chori88: what means "stacking images",this is paste images above image ? how many image can I paste ? what software is usefull?

Helicon Focus
Zerene Stacker

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pictureAngst: At first I wondered why anyone would want a macro flash with a high guide number, given the short working distances.

But I guess it would work for fill-in flash in daylight, especially when using a tele-macro?

Home Made Diffusion for the LAOWA KX-800 Twin Macro Flash

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unrealObama: As usually - unusable wide open and noticeably darker than real F numbers.
Quality levels for lenses:
- Premium
- Good
- Budget
- Crap
- Worse than crap
- China

China is doing fantastic lenses like Laowa.
I just got the 399USD Laowa 65mm f/2.8 2X macro APO, sharp from infinity to macro X2.
Stunning IQ, no chroma, no vignetting, no ...... and amazing bokeh.
Fully manual.

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Fred Mueller: cue the anti ACR trolls ... close relatives of the anti Nikon trolls

Yep ! Nikon has always better colors than Sony (cold, dull, ...).

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