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starwolfy: Under 10K. Now totally laughing at the face of all these guys that were pretending Fuji may introduced a MF camera that was going to totally cut the Leica and Hasselblad prices :p

Can you just tell me what does exactly makes Leica and Hasselblad, TODAY, being better than Fuji at manufacturing cameras or lenses?
If you give me 3 camera with similar specifications, I will for sure pick the Fuji, no as a fanboy, but as being sure that behind its logo lays a bigger and better technology. For your information, film era just passed away.

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great Javier: What can you do with MF that you can't do with FF?

More sensor lenght=more sensor lines= more resolution count, so given that a lens may have the same IQ/mm no matter the sensor format, the bigger the sensor, the bigger IQ its lenses will deliver.

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Max Iso: No X-TRANS, no deal !!!

X-Trans color array was developed mainly to avoid moire. There is no point at this resolution count to put this array on such a big sensor cause moire is more unlikely to bother. Mostly if you bear in mind that when Fuji orders Sony to deliver sensors with X-Trans, they have to pay a significant extra cost.

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Max Iso: No X-TRANS, no deal !!!

in your opinion, what's exactly the point to be X-Trans on MF?

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mclaren777: I was really hoping this would have an X-Trans sensor. :(

So won't be neck strap either :D

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Oli4D: But... why not Full Frame??? "Medium" sounds sooo.... well... medium. :/
We want the Full Frame!!!

yes, we all ;)

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Flamenco ballerina spanish edition here, please :D

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heypek: Like Fuji-celluloid the sensors always look reddish/magenta to me, for light-skinned people I prefer Kodak-colours as you can find nowdays in Nikon and Olympus cameras. (Even the new Leica SL delivers very nice Colours.)

buy some colorchecker, profile your camera and end story

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thomas2279f: Looks good but the stinger of all photo inkjet printers is the high price of Ink..

too good to be true
I ended tired of clogs with my 7900, and finally its head was dead. Lots of money to trash.
I'll buy a SC-P800 after 2 years reading only positive feedbacks from users, not before.

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On article Sigma announces all-new 50mm F1.4 DG HSM 'Art' lens (244 comments in total)
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exm3racer: MTF posted on Sigma website under tech specs. Direct comparison to 35mm A lens shows very similar center performance, and perhaps better corner sharpness.

Want to see price... I was really close to buying the current Sigma 50mm just for the rendering (new for $400). If this one is better and not crazy price I will have to get it. If not, I suppose I can get a used older version for pretty cheap soon!


where? cannt see them.
Can you post the link, please?

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I had no filters, just my hand instead a graduated filter

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SushiEater: This review to say the least is inadequate. There are no pictures inside the chamber. Why is it so important? Good third party grips have a metal plate running all the way to support tripod socket so camera can be hanged with a strap like BR. Bad grips have small plastic strip for socket support.

As far as "Weatherization" none of them are, even OEM regardless how much they advertize it. Regardless how sealed all of the compartments are the biggest opening is the wheel. If water gets though it the whole grip will flood. And those who carry cameras upside down should be aware of it because that is the worst entry point there is.

Pixel made the very first third part battery grip for the mkIII and I find it pretty good and at a fair price

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