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photogalleryonline: With spec like this, you have to ask yourself why we spend $2,000 + on fancier Nikon bodies. Hey if this gets dust and moisture in it, just throw it away and buy another one!

or clean the sensor!!!

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micarr: The best Photographer is the one who can adopt to all types of photo media, whether its a camera phone or a high end DSLR. The photographer makes the photo and not the camera. The Nikon-Canon war is nothing more than a brand marketing. To all of you who still believes that one brand is better than the other, go sell your gear and quit photography. Photography is not for you.

I totally agree with you.

I have shot great stuff with my iPhone. it doesnt matter what you have, the best camera is the one you have with you.
For this same reason, I have gona back to film, and I tell you, I havent had this much fun since my AE-1.

My digitals are catchingdust.

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Im a nikon user, but to all those that say my *** is bigger than yours... just shoot pictures. It doesnt matter what you use. If one is talented, can shoot great shots with an iPhone. so stop with this "my *** is bigger than yours" like little kids and go out and shoot pictures. the reality is that these days, there are no bad cameras.

For this reason, I have moved back to large format and film. concentrate on the art of photography, rather than camera specs.

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Wye Photography: 36 megapixels! I think that is ridiculous! Where will it stop! 50! 75! 100! Why? If you're a professional and need to print to A2 or A1 or A0, then yes! I rarely print even to A3 and when I do my trusty Olympus E1 does the job. This camera would be a waste of time, money, resources and features for me. I suppose all the geeky gadget boys will be creaming themselves over this. When the EOS D60 came out, the 6MP, one a professional photo magazine said in review "you don't need more than six megapixels to print an A3 magazine spread". And then when the Kodak 14 MP DSLR came out they said "14 megapixels is very close to the maximum resolution of the best lenses". Let me save you loads of money by saying if you don't print or print to A4 or A3 then this camera is a waste of money, it's a niche camera for niche people. Unless you're a specialist - YOU DON'T NEED 36 MEGAPIXELS.

The world doesn't revolve around you, did you ever think about that? This will set away large format cameras for some landscape photographers. I've had the E-1. Please don't put it in the same class as this. Maybe a point and shoot will do for you!

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what are the chances, I took a similar shot same spot few days later!

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Thank you for the kind words. That is my daughter smiling, with her best friend who is in fact half Canadian.

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Thank you. This is one of my own favorites.

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