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Calvin Chann: And just to be different, Nikon put the teleconvertor switch on the wrong side so that you have to take your hand away from the shutter release to activate it.

I own the Canon version. Nikon's choice to move it to the right is a huge improvement IMO. Your not going to be hammering the shutter while you flip in or out the as noted you can do it with your middle finger if you don't want to quickly move the index finger off the shutter. Right sided TC and way better MM are the two big improvements I see over my Canon version.

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Arkienkeli: I have to ask the same question I did when the Canon 200-400 version came out: why not just make a 180-560mm f/4-5.6 Zoom? Is it because variable maximum aperture lens does not sound professional enough? This is also variable aperture, but with a clumsy teleconverter but in.

My guess is that to keep the zooming and focusing internal requires this type of design.

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On article Hands-on with the Canon EOS 77D (450 comments in total)

Why can't you actually do a first look with some useful information like does it have f/8 AF, is it the same as the 80D in that regards (my research says yes to this). Does it have AFMA...can't find that info anywhere but if you had the camera it would take 2 seconds to check.

Regurgitating the spec list is next to useless. Would be more useful with a chart showing the differences between the t7i and 80d. Try doing actual useful journalism once in a while instead of these garbage click-bait initial "hands-on" crap articles.

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On article Hands-on with the Canon EOS 77D (450 comments in total)
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Ken Croft: Since it shares some features with the 80d, can it autofocus down to f/8 allowing the use of a x1.4 extender on the Canon 400/5.6L ?

It has centre f/8 AF with single point (no expansion mode). It has 27 f/8 points with some combos but most likely will be the same two combos as the 80D....100-400II/1.4TCIII and 200-400/2xTCIII.

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I think the best comment (dig) over on the original FM thread was this one by xaradaisy:

"The D4 survived because it locked up and played dead."

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