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  • Replied in M.2 SSD drives
    Thanks to all for the responses. I am quite happy with the performance of my existing sata Samsung Evo 950 SSD "C" drive, so I think I'll leave things as they are and save some money.
  • Created discussion thread M.2 SSD drives
    My motherboard has a position to fit a M.2 SSD drive. Is there any benefit in installing a M.2 drive as my C drive? My existing C drive is a conventional 2.5" SSD.
  • Why do you want to calibrate to 5000K? 6500K is the usual value.
  • Don't see much difference between this and the existing pen tool.

  • Hardly a useful comparison. So the 5D4 has a better dynamic range than the 6D2? It would have been more useful if he compared the 6D and the 6D2.
  • If you look at their "shop" location in Cheltenham, you will see it's a company managing  mailbox addresses. Figure it out for yourself.
  • As well as competitive prices, John Lewis usually include an extended warranty in their packages.
  • The mechanics of the digital camera are pretty well established. A Lens An Imaging sensor Some electronics to control aperture, shutter speed, ISO eic. An MPU to create an image file. A method of ...
  • Replied in gotcha
    A lot of successful images that I've entered for club competitions were taken with my trusty 30D, which I kept for many years before I replaced it with the 6D. At least older models will continue ...
  • Replied in Just curious
    Prints up to 20" x 16" from my 6D are fine for my requirements. When I saw the dynamic range improvement from the 70D to the 80D it was enough to make me upgrade - if the 6D II demonstrated the ...
  • If it were that simple, don't you think that manufacturers would produce them for sale?
  • +1 All of which means I won't be upgrading my 6D Mk1, whereas I considered the improvement in dynamic range of the 80D sufficient reason to replace my 70D. I await the 6D Mk3 with anticipation.
  • I'd expect the lens to priced appropriately - the same way the L series are, which are supplied with a hood.
  • I think it's pretty disgusting that Canon don't supply lens hoods with ALL their lenses, and not just "L" series. Hoods are a necessity, not an "extra" and by overpricing them, Canon are losing ...
  • I've suffered from Blepharitis for years, pricipally in my left (dominant) eye. It's a "chronic condition" and as such cannot be fixed, only "managed." I've yet to find anything that gives relief ...
  • Always remember, when using multiple focus points, the camera will focus on the closest object within the focus area, which will not usually be the intended subject. By using a single focus point, ...
  • One of the "benefits" of digital photography. If it's a massive problem try shooting film.
  • Given that digital image sensors are not sensitive to UV, exactly what benefit did you think you would have by using a filter in this situation?
  • And don't forget, whatever focus mode you are using, the camera will attempt to focus on the nearest object in the focus area.
  • Thanks for the information. I did find a spec that confirms the RAVPower is USB2. The Qnap doesn't appear to be discontinued, but it is double the price of the RAVPower. User reviews on Amazon ...
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