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If a filmmaker used that in a film today my daughter would ask "Is this an old film?"

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On article iOS 11 will cut photo, video size in half (81 comments in total)
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KodaChrome25: businessinsider.com incorrectly reports I have an ad blocker on. I don't. went around and around with them and their programmers cannot figure it out. just sayin'

Except they link it. So maybe they might rethink that.

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On article iOS 11 will cut photo, video size in half (81 comments in total)

businessinsider.com incorrectly reports I have an ad blocker on. I don't. went around and around with them and their programmers cannot figure it out. just sayin'

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Interesting experiment. But I think you would need to repeat this experiment many more times to draw valid conclusions.

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They removed the chain link fence. Why stop? Remove the ugly construction materials and ugly buildings, replace the asphalt with grass and put leaves on the leafless trees.

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virtualreality: Creativity is no longer required for making interesting photographs. The camera will be smarter than you are.



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Thanks Chris!

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The Squire: I think it's pretty sad that we're letting cameras take photos rather than scraping pictures on to cave walls with burnt sticks.

SAS - Stick Acquisition Syndrome.

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On article Pentax KP sample gallery (95 comments in total)

Good images. Good photographer.

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Leonp: Is somebody trying to convince me with one 20x24 px example? Serious?

Google. Guetzli. Gimli son of Gloin. It's a 'G' thing.

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Take time to visit his website. Very interesting guy.

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Washing machines have batteries?

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Jonathan Brady: Wouldn't it be awesome if everyone who complains and moans about the absence of a specific feature related to video on any given camera went out and bought a gh5? Then they could all just shut up and enjoy the very best the market has to offer. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening and instead I believe we will continue to see people without a cinema-line budget or even a much smaller gh5 budget complaining that their preferred manufacturer didn't throw every conceivable feature into the cheapest possible camera and then sell it at a loss so that they, personally, could be happy.

People moan.

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rugosa: No pretty ladies or cute cat shots ? How am I supposed to judge the quality of this camera ?

Hahaha. On the more serious side #29 is nice. Dude still has artistic vision.

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entoman: I used slide film for more years than I can remember (Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Velvia, Provia, Agfa, 3M etc). Most of my friends had switched to digital long before I did, as I was convinced that nothing could ever replace the quality of slide film.

Then, to my surprise, about 2 years later, advances in digital technology and cameras meant that digital became superior to slides in every way - less noise/grain, higher ISO, greater resolution, better colour balance, wider contrast range, wider gamut etc etc.

Why anyone would want to simulate slide film is difficult to understand, but I took a look at the Colibri website, just to see if I was wrong. Without exception, the simulated images looks a great deal worse than the original digital shots!

A few interesting insights from 5 years ago....


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On article Google Pixel XL real-world sample gallery (103 comments in total)

Allison and Dan: nice images!

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I've said it before.... Very nice looking gallery. Props to Mr. Rose.

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If I went to a tall building - well, tall-ish in Sweden lol - with a camera and took a photo of people on the ground, is it surveillance?

Galna åsna svenskar!

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On article Field Test: Birds in flight with the Nikon D500 (92 comments in total)

Beautiful. Nice work Ronan and Barney. Thank you.

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