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  • Ok, I'm going to call your bluff on that one. Take two photos at 1600 indoor, artificial lighting, one on an X100 and the other on a MV.
  • I swapped from the original X100 to a RX100V. If you have the light it is a great camera and a sharp lens. I bought it to take photos of toddlers; it can't cut the mustard. Those who claim it can, ...
  • I had a look and had a laugh. He tested the eye focus on a stationary model. If he had tried it on a moving toddler I could have taken it seriously. I love Fuji, but to declare eye focus a success...

  • Unfortunately I am not skilled enough to do it
  • Created discussion thread Hotel window shot
    I shot this thought the hotel window in Stratford, east London one morning. Generic and over processed, but I still like it. Just noticed the time code is on Vietnam time, -6 hours for the actual ...
  • I have no doubt you made the correct choice.
  • Yes, I have asked for lots of advice, most of it conflicting and yes, I have tried out everything I have been told. I have yet to see anyone who can show me the results. Have you seen them?  Can ...
  • Well then show me. I have asked this on more than one occasion, including Rishi Sanyal and no-one has been able to come up with the goods. No-one has been able to show me a sequence of shots of ...
  • I had the same quandary and went for the RX100V. My advice, don't do it, unless you absolutely must have a tiny camera. The lens cap has a design fault and gets sticky even if you always use a ...
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    I have never put a compact into my pocket since my fuji f31 got dust sucked into the lens and it cost me £95 to get the lens replaced. It just goes straight into the bag every time. I'm just out ...
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    Judging by the other comments on here, this is a design fault as many others have had the problem. I took it to the local Sony service centre in my town and they returned it to me within 16 hours. ...
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    I took it to the Sony service centre where I live last night and picked it up this morning. It worked perfectly in the shop, as soon as I tried it when I got home it stuck again. I really have had ...
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    The camera is less than 2 months old. It has gone back to Sony to be repaired. I am pretty certain I will sell it when I get it back. It is the only camera I have ever owned that has been a ...
  • Created discussion thread Now this.
    I really have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get to grips with this camera and now this happens.
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    Thanks Gerry. I keep getting conflicting advice. I was told to stay 10 feet from he wall. I will get another shot from a closer distance on Monday as I am working tomorrow.
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    Thanks, I will definitely look at some of those.
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    The person I referred to in the original post asked me to photograph a brick wall to assess the sharpness. It made no sense to me so I put in a couple of cards to get some idea for myself. They ...
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    I need you to train me! Do you have any videos on youtube?

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    I like it. What did you do?
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