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  • Commented on article Pentax KP Review

    @jaxson If it's exactly what you want at a price you want, well sure. That's why I own Pentax: there are lenses on KA mount that interest me (35/2.8 macro, 15/4) which don't equate elsewhere. I was...

  • Commented on article Pentax KP Review


    No, that won't fly I'm afraid. Pentax DA Limited lenses - which you and others are quick to recommend for the KP - are on par cost wise with the "equivalent" Nikkor AFS FX lenses, and...

  • Commented on article Pentax KP Review

    Map Camera. Don't quote Kakaku, unless you can vouch for the retailer offering the lowest price.

  • There are way too many companies making way too many cameras.

    I was in Bic Camera last month - first time in a year, probably - and the scale of the problem hit home: rows and rows of permutations...

  • Commented on article Pentax KP Review

    You have to think of it as a boutique model, something akin to the Pen-F. It's for people who want the relatively unique mix of features it offers, i.e. a small-but-good Pentax body.

    I... agree...

  • Commented on article Pentax KP Review

    Flash power and and CIPA testing methods will of course favor the K-3ii with no flash, and allow cameras like the D3400 with weak flashes to get comparatively high scores, but in this instance it's...

  • Commented on article Pentax KP Review

    Well, D750 was 145,000 yen after rebate late last year, KP is currently 123,000 yen. Today D750 is about 172,000 yen. D7200 is today 86,000 yen, K-3II 90,000 yen. D610 is 121,000 yen.

    Any which...

  • Commented on article Pentax KP Review

    @jaxson You'd be wrong to judge it on the basis of the 1/6000s. It definitely feels like a K3 from a mechanical standpoint: the quiet, well damped shutter and short blackout. The K-70 is very much...

  • The perfectly straight horizons are cool. Everything else - from the flare to the low contrast to the slightly faded color and the soft corners- can be had by anyone with $25 to spend and an eBay...

  • Nothing unique or fantastic about the rendering.

  • See image 26, taken with the STM 24mm. It's nice and sharp. The softness is coming from the Canon 18-135, which really isn't doing the camera any favors here and is clearly outclassed by the the DA...

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X-T20 Review

    If that was my opinion on the Fuji image rendition I'd have no choice but to go with the D3400 and 35/1.8 DX.

  • There's one or two from the 24/2.8 STM, but basically the gallery belonged to the 70-300 and 18-135, which is a little unfortunate. The KP gallery had a better balance, with the 35/2.8 macro and...

  • I like these results a lot more than the Pentax KP gallery posted recently. Similar shots and conditions, so the comparison is fair I think.

    I can't put my finger on why exactly. The Canon...

  • Commented on article Pentax KP sample gallery

    "This is a very clever move by Ricoh."

    If Ricoh improved the video capabilities you'd be the first to sing their praises I bet, yet when they walk them back it's apparently all part of a cunning...

  • Commented on article Pentax KP sample gallery

    @goactive That was my take as well, though the Pentaxian diaspora evidently disagrees. And no, mmx, it's not just about the settings.

  • Commented on article Pentax KP sample gallery

    SR or no SR would anyone buy Pentax for video though?

  • A lot of that argument seems contingent on the differences in R&D spend, which is fair if you are comparing cameras but not fair if you are comparing formats.

    It's also worth noting that the...

  • Replied in interesting
    I'm going to respectfully disagree. My counterargument is a bit tangential, but here goes: I never regretted selling my 32/1.2. It was a great lens, extremely powerful, but at the end of the day I ...
  • That's ... really dark! It does, however, demonstrate that the V1 retains an impressive amount of highlight information in the NEF file even at these high ISOs. You managed to bring back almost ...
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