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wcbert: In Facebook's "Proposed Updates to our Governing Documents" there is mention of "We are proposing this update as part of a settlement in a cout case relating to advertising"

Does anyone know what the court case was about?

Original Lawsuit:

Here is the story about their settlement of that lawsuit:

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On article Robotic Nikon cameras capture Wimbledon 2013 (25 comments in total)
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thinkfat: Um, haven't we seen that history making revolutionary invention once or twice already? Just recently at the Olympic Games in London, using 1DX cameras on robotic mounts? Like, there:

Hello, Nikon. Glad you made it to the party, late.

You mean like these:

Just some PR person - recycling old news as new news. DPR should not have fallen for it.

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On article Robotic Nikon cameras capture Wimbledon 2013 (25 comments in total)

Old news - these were already used in the London Olympics - they just recycled the same gear.

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Macx: This would probably make a good security camera. :)

This is a very specialised piece of equipment. There are probably a lot of broadcasters and TV and YouTube production crews (essentially reality-based TV and video) who will have use for a low-light camera of high quality, but it's limited resolution is going to limit it's longevity and it's usefulness.

"Canon Marketing Japan Inc. will be exhibiting a prototype camera that incorporates the newly developed 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor and sample footage captured with the camera at SECURITY SHOW 2013 ("

Its not targeted at the consumer - most likely Military / Security applications...

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Nothing changes for clients and photographers who had/have agreements in place.

Whatever is in the agreement still stands!

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As usual, the news release is missing the details.

This is the famous section 13(2) of the old CANADIAN copyright act:
"13 (2) Where, in the case of an engraving, photograph or portrait, the plate or other original was ordered by some other person and was made for valuable consideration, and the consideration was paid, in pursuance of that order, in the absence of any agreement to the contrary, the person by whom the plate or other original was ordered shall be the first owner of the copyright."

The changes made included the elimination of section 13(2) from the act.

The key statement from the old act was this: "in the absence of any agreement to the contrary" - Canadian photographers could always retain their copyright if they had an agreement to the contrary.

Now the status quo is Canadian photographers retain copyrights unless THERE IS AN AGREEMENT TO THE CONTRARY - so the situation can always be changed if there is an agreement in place.

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This is what is coming out of the Nikon/Canon camp

Compared what is being shown by Panasonic - not even close.

They need to play to their strengths and fast action sports is not it.

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DB Custom: I also felt that Olympus was on a serious downward spiral, initially. Then I found out that the camera industry is only about 15% of the company, they're very well known for their endoscopes, medical grade surgical instruments and highly acclaimed for that...a great many hospitals use Olympus endoscopes daily. This alone will fairly easily keep Olympus afloat and new management may actually help the camera side of things start turning a profit...after many years of multi-million dollar losses with consumer grade cameras.

Or they could just dump the consumer camera business.

No other corporation wants their consumer camera business.

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