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  • I would ideally like 1TB but I need to compromise somewhere to get it within my budget. I think if my raw files are on an external drive I can manage with 512GB.
  • Thanks Mike. Yep that does sound good, I’ll admit. But two macs and the T5 is beyond my budget right now. I need to give this some more thought.
  • Ok, how do you manage your Lr catalogue?
  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I think I will go for the 2018 MBP as on balance the extra money is probably worth it to me for faster performance now and in the future.
  • The 13” would be the same price as the refurb 15” I’m considering and between those two options I would take the 15”. I will add a nice monitor at some point.
  • Thanks Peter, lots of good suggestions here. I should have clarified that I’m in Australia, which is why the MBP I’m looking at retails at A$4,099. The 13” custom built by Apple is around A$3,300 ...
  • I have considered this but would prefer just running one machine.
  • Thanks Tom good to know!
  • Thanks that is really helpful.
  • Thanks John. That all makes sense. To be more specific, the question is would I notice any difference in LR performance between the quad-core 2017 model and the hexa-core 2018 model? I take your ...
  • Created question thread Mac upgrade advice
    My ageing 2010 iMac is still running but LR is frustratingly slow processing my D810’s files so it’s time for an upgrade. I’ve decided to get a laptop and use that as my main computer as there’s ...
  • Thanks Peter...sounds sensible and you’ve saved me $500!
  • Thanks
  • Thank you - no I didn’t know all that! My research seems to suggest a RAID solution is ‘best’ for my purpose. I don’t need NAS - DAS would serve. I think the DS218+ is USB3. Yes I wasn’t very ...
  • Created question thread Advice on RAID for Lightroom
    I’ve got a mid-2010 iMac which I’ve upgraded with a 1TB SSD and 12GB ram. It has served me well but it really struggles with processing raw files from my D810 and I think it’s time for an upgrade. ...
  • I went from a D7000 to a D700 so have some experience with this. The D700 is a great camera and Stacey’s comments are spot on. At the time I got the D700, I had mostly DX lenses and knew I wanted ...
  • I’m reading this with interest as I’m pretty much in the same position - hobbyist with a 24, 35 and 85 1.8 primes who loves shooting portraits. I’m contemplating the Sigma because I used to enjoy ...
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