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Looks nice, but the Z6 refurbs for $1349 are better overall I think.

Nikon has definitely done a fine job with the Z6 and Z7 right out of the gate and my Z6 has served me well for the past 12 months. The native lenses are incredible and a step above their F mount counterparts. So far I've got the 14-30 F4, 24-70 2.8, 35 1.8 and 85 1.8 and all 4 are super sharp and fantastic!

Great cameras for weddings, seniors, portraits, and landscape work.

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That’s great! Congratulations! I’ve learned a ton from her classes on creative live.

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KZ7: There was a map of polution levels in China that I saw the other day showing pre and post the Corona virus. The huge drop post is an indication of just how many factories are shuttered at the moment. This is affecting supply chains and companies all over the world, not only Canon. As an example, the delivery of a GE x-ray machine that we ordered prior to the outbreak has been delayed because of this.

I was watching some YouTube video live stream from Chicago Monday and they were showing empty shelves due to everyone in a panic and buying up all the bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels etc etc.

Then I went to my local Costco and Sam's Club, and similar... way more folks buying tons of bulk products and low quantities of staple items on the shelves.

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Einride: I love my Z6. After over a year of constant use I can say its easily the best and most fun camera I ever had. If it somehow disappeared I would buy it again tomorrow. Fantastic camera and the lenses are even better.

Agree. I've had mine for almost 8 months now and have put it through it's paces on everything from wedding video, wedding photo, studio work, outside work, landscapes, and pets. The Z6 is an outstanding camera when combined with native lenses especially.

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Here kitty kitty!!

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Peter v.d Werf: Nikon keeps pleasantly surprising me. With the Z system also showing to be able to change their mentality and policy from only offering rare updates for critical bugs to now allready 3 strong firmware updates clearly adressing user comments and new features.
Yes, perhaps I’m a bit biased as I’m bought into Nikon but I think that for a classical Japanese company it’s is good to see that they are working hard on this (also needed!!) culture change to meet a more demanding market.
Thanks Nikon.

Right on. I love my Z6 and all the lenses I've got for it so far (14-30 F4, 24-70 2.8S, and 85 1.8S). These FW upgrades are great!

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Cool to see the breakdown!

I've had this lens for 6 months it is simply incredible in the images it is capable of producing! it and the z6 are a powerful combo for weddings and events.

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This sounds awesome. Super useful!

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On article Nikon's 70-200 F2.8 for Z-mount to ship in February (226 comments in total)
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visualenvy: Oh mama my Z 6 just said it needs a new friend.

Same. 24-70 2.8S needs a friend!

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Horshack: This video should probably have a seizure warning and I'm not joking.

For real. Could only watch about 3 seconds of it. Need a dramamine. rofl

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JEasley: DPR is either running out of DSLR/Mirrorless content or they’re serious about this “smartphones are as good as dedicated cameras” narrative. Print some of these images out and tell me how good smartphones are, then maybe I’ll pay attention (yes, I’m on this article complaining about it, the irony).

Jared did 16x24s and they look amazing.

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virtualkyr: I've already set money aside for the new 70-200 2.8S, looks like I'll start my next savings fund for this one!

Yeah I don't know but I've got $3000 on the side for it.

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I've already set money aside for the new 70-200 2.8S, looks like I'll start my next savings fund for this one!

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Now I have some idea what it would be like to fall to the ground from high up in the sky. Thanks! lol

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virtualkyr: I will be picking a couple of these up for sure. Handy with my iPhone 11 pro.

Well I"m getting an iphone 11 Pro.

But since these are not from Profoto, I'm only 1/2 pro.

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Ivan Lietaert: This was a feature in the Nikon 1 V1 camera, dating back to ... 2012?
I still regularly use that camera, by the way.

It's amazing that camera companies are just now catching up to the AF system in that V1 from 7 years ago.

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I will be picking a couple of these up for sure. Handy with my iPhone 11 pro.

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Love it! I’ve got a 6S+ and am ready to upgrade. This looks great. I’ve printed shots from a friends XR and they are pretty good. Can’t wait to see how this 11 does.

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tkbslc: Just in time to be made obsolete by next week's new Apple announcements!

That's what I was wondering - do they have on ready to go for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, because that's next on my list of cameras!

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I've started shooting some high school football with my 70-200 2.8 VR2. I'd love to have something like this for that, because sometimes the 200 isn't quite enough.

Also, I can see where this would be useful for weddings too when you have to stay far away from the front of the church.

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