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Malikknows: This is key for me: "usable in combination with most protective phone cases." I'm simply not using my Iphone without a protective case. Yet I do not see in the video this system being used with, say, an otter case, or any other protective case. Nothing on the website either.

I do appreciate DPReview covering this subject as I'm very interested in getting a lens set for my Iphone X.

same, I think I would enjoy something like this on my phone for most daylight situations when traveling or casual more on-purpose day to day shooting.

No way I'm taking my case off though. lol

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Carrmack: Sony is and has been listening to the consumers, Fuji too, Nikon sort of listens, now Canon is finally starting to listen.

Nikon def does not listen.

Glad to see they're cancelling not well thought out products like Key Mission and Nikon 1. Based on what canon says, it appears that the DLs would have been a hit, and hopefully Nikon will announce a full strategy to compete in mirrorless very soon, or risk being left behind.... as their market share dwindles year after year.

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rythie: GoPro seems to fail to notice that a lot of it's products aren't just used for sports, but for general film making/youtube. GoPro were late to the game making a gimbal, slow to make decent microphone solution and never made larger sensor GoPro.

^^ - Indeed, a little higher end model with non-fisheye etc probably would have been great stuff.

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VanHoff: iDIOTS?

Enjoyed that.

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silentstorm: My old ipad 2 is running very sluggishly. Would this battery replacement exercise extend to it as well?


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Well done and entertaining interview.

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wondrouslightdotcom: The resistance to M43 reminds me of the film vs digital wars. Everyone is entitled to like whatever gear they want but it is a little pathetic to deny that Olympus and Panasonic are doing a tremendous job with M43. The reality is that ever more pros are buying into it either as a primary or as an alternative system, especially when portability is paramount, and the publishing market is OK with it. I went from 4x5" to medium format to 35mm to APS-C and now M43. At every step, life became easier and the shooting experience more enjoyable. My current gear includes 2 x EM5II bodies with Oly 9-18mm 1:4-5.6, 12-40mm 1:2.8, 40-150mm 1:2.8 with x1.4 converter, 60mm 1:2.8 macro and the very small Panasonic 12-32mm 1:3.5-5.6, 35-100mm 1:4-5.6 and 100-300mm 1:4-5.6 with the German tripod collar. I make and sell 24x36" fine art prints with this gear. With the G9 in-body stabilization, Oly lenses are stabilized too. So, If you prefer other gear by all means buy/keep it but pls leave M43 alone.

This is a tempting camera! Almost willing to offload my Nikon gear and make the switch.

I've printed 24x36 from my 12MP D90... no issues.

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vaughanB: I am starting to get asked about video, I have never done any for a client yet but when/if I do, I want to use my camera just like a camcorder ie I want to use the EVF hand held and zoom while shooting, I want it to AF properly, I do not want to manual focus, not looking for any fancy effects, I use a Nikon D7200 at the moment which I am pretty sure would not be suitable, DSLRs are not designed for video or LV no matter how hard Nikon etc try it will never be great, Nikons are great still cameras and thats it, if you want/need video and good live view AF, buy something else, I suspect a phone might do better than a Nikon DSLR for basic video

I use a D7200 for video. No issues for me.

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visualenvy: Please please please someone tell me why they expect a DSLR (or any camera) to have mind reading continuous auto focus in video?

whyyyyy??? why so important? what do you REALLY need video AF for? vlogging? sports? cats? birds?

No one cares about your video if it needs continuous AF to be good... how many movies or commercials do you see that need or use AF?

Continuous video AF is for novices and this is not a novice camera... Plan your shot, plan your focus, plan your storyboard and then execute it.

And for the vloggers and cat chasers who are the only people that need/want it... use a different camera system... "but i want bokeh cuz it is bokeh".... deal with it!

I'd love for a Nikon to have great AF abilities, so when I put it in on my Glidecam I can move much closer to my subjects and then move out etc while still maintaining focus as much as possible.

I think anyone who uses a gimbal type device would enjoy some benefits of full time AF sometimes.

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On article What you need to know: Canon G1 X Mark III (406 comments in total)

This is what the Nikon Coopix A should have been... in 2012 was it?

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justmeMN: What I consider to be mistakes: cancelling Nikon DL, releasing KeyMission, using a 1" sensor rather than an APS-C sensor in their first mirrorless camera.

It is strange they were able to develop the Coolpix A with the APSC size sensor and it's not that much bigger than my V1. The J5 I have is tiny compared to the V1 though. Would have been interesting for sure if the Nikon 1 was base don APSC.

I love the Nikon 1 system and it's portability and having 18-810mm range in a kit that weights about the same as my D90 / w17-55 2.8 is very nice to compact travel.

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Dante Birchen: The warehouses are closed environments out of sight of the customer. B&H found that Hispanics males would work cheap and created a warehouse class employee. All Hispanic so they would understand each other, all low paid, no perspective. You never move from warehouse to store front. Next step will be to outsource warehousing so B&H doesn't have to bother with employee rights any more and can just sign a performance agreement with a warehousing company. There is always a race to to bottom where working conditions are concerned. It's the lowest paid workers that pay for a companies cost effectiveness in order to be able to compete in the market place. With their lives.

I think he means livelihood. These employees may be out of a job.

And the point you make about warehouse workers never going to the front office - true.

I'm actually an auditor by day and visit companies big and small ,names you all would know, to make sure they are doing things correctly. When I saw the line about "not being promoted" all I could think was, if they are in the warehouse - there is no real path to promotion other than maybe team leader. It's not like they'll be working in accounting or contracts etc at corporate.

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Albert Valentino: I've been to their store dozens of times and I find it a well oiled machine staffed with knowledgeable, friendly, employees. I do not question their hiring practice because it just works.

Note this happened at the warehouse in Brooklyn, not the superstore.

A very very different working environment.

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coolguy4747: I wasn't really able to find a clear answer on this - if you're taking a scenic shot that happens to feature an eclipse, is this any more damaging to the sensor than taking a normal shot with the sun in it? For the sake of this question, let's assume we're talking about a mirrorless camera (no optical viewfinder) so I'm not worried about my eyes. Everything I read says ALWAYS USE A SOLAR FILTER, but people typically don't use solar filters when shooting general photos feat. The Sun. Am I missing something?

As long as you don't leave the camera out and pointed it should be ok. This event in total lasts a few hours, so any camera pointed in the direction of the sun for that duration, wide angle or not, will likely get damaged.

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HeyItsJoel: I hope there would be live streaming of the eclipse.

NASA is live streaming it.

Link | Posted on Aug 16, 2017 at 15:27 UTC

Check out the "Solar Eclipse Timer" app in the app stores. It gives a voice indication as to what events are happening when during the eclipse. I got it the other day, and if you're on the path, it's going to be pretty awesome. Worth the $1.99 for sure so you'll know exactly when all the events are happening.

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BaldCol: Overpriced and overhyped like all Apple products but as long as people keep buying them why should they care.

I love building my own system and have had no issues with the first one I did in 2011. Looking to build a new machine this year as I move into 4K video content creation and now that I'm shooting with 24 MP cameras and also editing 42MP images from my second shooters a7r2... my 2011 machine is starting to show its age when it comes to processing those massive files.

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BaldCol: Overpriced and overhyped like all Apple products but as long as people keep buying them why should they care.

a 5K 27" Dell monitor is $2000. Pretty hefty. 601205242

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On article Video: Nikon D7500 first look (416 comments in total)
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Richard Murdey: The D7500 is $1250 while the D750 is $1500 and the D500 is $1800. The unloved D610 is also $1500. [b&h]

I would say that at current prices the D7500 is far from a no-brainer decision.

(aside ... Nikon really doesn't want to sell you a D610 does it?)

From a video perspective, this is a pretty nice all in one.

I got my D7200 refurb for $799. It won't be too long I imagine before this one will be available as a refurb for around $900. At that point, I'll be offloading my D7200 and putting some cash with it to get a 7500.

Having a tilting LCD and power aperture in LV is pretty nice. Just like a D750.

Once we got to 12MP, that was enough for 99% of users out there. Whether it's 20 or 24 MP doesn't matter to me.

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Chaitanya S: that tiny sensor though. I would love to see atleast a 1" sensor inside one of these rugged compacts.

Make this a consumer one for about $249.

Introduce a more "pro" 1" sensor version with the same zoom range and RAW for $449.


Looking at the dimensions, it's about the same size as the Coolpix A and that bad boy had a APS-C sensor in there! (I was shooting with it yesterday and forgot how much fun that little camera is)

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