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One more thing to DXO,,,, Even though this is a great metric, you guys need to do a better job explaining it. Look at the comments below, people are confused. Even the name "Perpetual Megapixel" sounds like you guys are hawking snake oil. Why not "relative megapixel" or "resolved megapixel"? Someone on your staff has been watching too much Star Trek.

After ranting on the people that commented below I tried to have an open mind and re-read your press release. You are not presenting the greatest benefit (the relative ranking across cameras with different sensor sizes) of this metric first, you are presenting techno-babble first. I guess I can understand all of the confusion below.,,,,,,,,,

Try this:

1. First explain the real world benefit of the metric to the semi-technical average reader. Explain the intended usage (for the average user).

2. Second go into technical details for people that are interested.

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And BTW, before any of you technical wanabees get a chance to say anything, do you know what a relative test or test methodology is?? It is a method of ranking or grouping subjects (in this case camera and lens combinations) by order of performance relative to each other. It is for comparison purposes. To be valid the test must be consistently performed for all subjects in the set and the test parameters (resolution in this case) must be of interest to the reader. I trust that DXO has enough experience to run the test consistently. I don't need to agree with every aspect of the test methodology for the test to be worthwhile on a relative basis!

This is not a test that you can compare the absolute results of with another testing organization (like SLR Gear) unless they where to exactly reproduce the test setup and methodologies used by DXO. (and they don't need to do that).

DXO has tested 2700 camera/lens combinations so this is a good enough cross section to be very worthwhile.

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To DXO - Thanks, this is great! It allows a simple and quick relative comparison between camera and lens combinations in different formats (FX, DX, 4-3, etc). This is something that has been previously time consuming to do. Again - THANKS FOR THIS DXO!

To ALL YOU KNUCKLE HEADS AND HATERS - It is good to know the total resolution different camera and lens combinations will produce. This is a simple metric that does that. OF COURSE YOU NEED TO TAKE OTHER TESTS INTO ACCOUNT, but this gives you a good relative ranking to get started!

This metric is a great general reality check. Knuckle head camera snobs and camera manufacturers WAKE UP! I bet you haters spent crazy money on a superwide (or whatever lens you overpaid for) and just hate that the Samyang 14-2.8 (or other inexpensive lens like a 50-1.8 or 35-2) is so good! Well don't hate DXO, it was your purchasing decision!

After looking at this I think I will replace my DX camera with an FX camera and a set of inexpensive primes.

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