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It will cost like what? $2800? Like the D810? Or it will be something insane like the D810A?

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neatpicture: finally, pop up flash is gone like most serious cameras. About time. Seriously, if you are down to your pop up, might as well get the shot with your phone and leave the camera in the bag.

If you lime do much cameras without flash go buy a Canon! They have the real stuff for serious photographers 😂

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tuerta photography: I'm troubled by a discrepancy between the Apple 5s chart showing how it performed as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4's chart.

The "Summary" for each phone gave the S4 an 8.0 and the 5s an 8.1, yet if you look at the bar graphs for the 6 different categories in the ratings box, the S4 overall wins out. In fact, I even measured the pixel length of the blue lines in Photoshop and found that the S4's bars are a net 88 pixels longer. Or said differently, the average bar length for the Apple is 320 pixels across all 6 categories whereas the average bar length for the Samsung is 334 (4.4% longer), yet they somehow rank the Apple as better overall?

Unless they have some *really* weird weighting scale, the final summary scores and the bar charts are out of whack. Can we find out the details how the 8.0 and the 8.1 were calculated?

indeed! I've noticed that too. And what is strange, is that in this case, there is no Camera/video evaluation chart like in the S4. And watch the tests in good light conditions with the same ISO, to see S4 beats them all (by the way, I don't own an S4, so, I'm not defending by phone like so many do)

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Compare the 1600 ISO with the 320 ISO IPHone? What kind of absurd test is this? How much IPhone paid for this test?

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