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  • The Fuji Instax "mini" film is the cheapest, but it is also the smallest.  The Instax "wide" would be next, then the new Instax "square".  The Polaroid film is all more expensive than Instax. ---jb.
  • I am another "Hybrid" photographer/technician.  I did commercial work for about 25 years using mostly 4x5 format.  When digtal equipment became available in the late 90's, I transitioned the ...
  • I've had my Pixel 2 for about 2 weeks now with no issues at all.  It is the best phone I've owned and has an amazing camera! ---jb.
  • Replied in Beg pardon?
    I am simply saying that being "meticulous and consistant" and "taking good notes" are good skills to develop for photography or for many other pursuits in life.  Do you disagree with this? --jb.
  • This is exactly why film photography is still taught and preferred by many.  These are great skills to have for photgraphy and for much of life. ---jb.
  • Yes, a lot of people do think phone photos are quite good, and in many situations they are. There are many fast moving situations, that simply couldn't be captured by a "DSLR/pro lens combo" ...
  • Actually, I often grab still frames from 4k video.  They look quite good. ---jb
  • Kung Fu - Your posts imply that you can make good photos in almost any situation with your cell phone.  Can you give us a link to some of your photography?  Please show us how its done.  thanks --jb.
  • Some good answers here!  Thanks to all who responded to my question.  I would say that sometimes I just have a need to do something creative (or what I think is creative), but I also have to admit ...
  • Created discussion thread Why do you take pictures?
    I ask this because of all the discussions on the forum about technical issues and what looks best at 100 percent view.   I make images because I want to capture a moment, an event, a slice of time ...
  • Is anyone else tired of all the free advertising Apple gets when a new product is introduced?  The Iphone 8 is announced and "now the world has changed".  It's just a new phone with most features ...
  • I agree that a "real", or I would prefer "serious" photographer has a real interest in the art and craft of photography and camera choice is an integral part of it.  To learn about photography ...
  • Kung Fu, You would do well to allow others to post their opinions without ridicule.  This is a friendly, open forum and everyone can share their thoughts regardless of what you may think about ...
  • I'm using a Surface Pro 4, with Windows 10 Pro, i5 processor and 128gig ssd.  It has enough power to run the full versions of Photoshop CC and Lightroom.  When I'm home it's connected to my ...
  • Hi, I can't help with installation of the Kalpanika software, but the "purists" here will probably tell you to use the Sigma software, export to tiff, then tweak from there as necessary.  However, ...
  • and you know this because you've already tested it?
  • Yes, you are doing quite well with the old Sigmas! I started with the SD9 back when it was first announced. I wish I still had it, but the SD Quattro is a worthy descendant. thanks for posting ...
  • Thank you very much for posting these instructions!  I was able to get the version 5 software installed.  However, I don't think I like it very much compared to Lightroom, but maybe it will prove ...
  • Can't anyone reply and help? thanks---john.
  • Created discussion thread Ricoh Digital Camera Utility?
    Hi - I just purchased a used Ricoh GR camera. It works great, but it did not come with the CD that was included when new. I understand that there is a Pentax/Ricoh version of Silkypix on the cd ...
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