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Those knocking the idea of Lego and a Camera Model are missing the point entirely. These bricks have inspired countless users to move on to greater design and creative endeavors. All ages enjoy these bricks, and this is simply a way to tie two creative mediums together and bring a bit of nostalgias for those of us that relish our old SLR bodies. I never had an F3 I always had Olympus gear, but I would build this with my kids and we would proudly place it in our collection.

I am of the opinion that the world and certainly these forums have too many cynics, and we need to be open to others enjoyment. You do not have to share their affinity for their hobby or lifestyle but there is certainly no need to put it down or condemn it.

I love this and wish more toys included photography accessories, I was excited when my daughters brick kit had a 5mm DSLR with 2 lens options in a Lego Friends kit. She was excited to show me, knowing I love photography and we built the kit together.

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I hope the Spectral Edge company got well compensated, and enjoys their success. I welcome any advances in cell phone camera quality. 15 years ago they were all but unusable, even up through my last smart phone it was nice for memories but not "fine art" level or printable. My current iPhone XR is leaps and bounds better, likely on par with my pocketable Panasonic and close to my Old ZX-1.

I love having a tool in my pocket so capable, even when I carry my DSLR I find myself reaching for my phone for context images, or wide angle images, even video clips.

Keep the innovations coming!

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Fotoni: Awful body design. Also cold winter photography benefits from bigger buttons and dials because you don't want to use bare fingers most of the time. I wonder how touch screen changes when the screen itself is slower because of cold? Battery gives much less power and it is drained all the time because of active touch screen and EVF.

In-camera RAW editing is a bit funny because of small screen, much more limited computer power and battery consumption. Screen color reproduction raises some questions, too. You would want to offer everyone a way to see the colors the same way as you. That is why screen calibration exist.

If you don't care about these, why spend money on things you don't fully use? It is like buying a fast car and then using half of its power or even less.

If laid on its back it shares the profile of the Cyber Truck with a Keg in the bed.

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I am a buyer for the Qing, if it can keep up with a running athlete, I love this idea for panning as a head coach video recording my practices and game footage wider angle for later review.

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On article FCC filing reveals forthcoming Autel EVO 2 drone (31 comments in total)

The OG EVO is a nice drone, though the blades can end up in video when flying too fast or aggressive. That being said Autel is very slow to market in fact after waiting almost a year last time we bought a DJI and still had a few months to wait after announcement of the EVO.

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too many folks casting shade on this offering. There are only 900 of them being offered, likely I will never even see one in the wild. I like the variety and why not offer colors to those that want it, and have the extra money to afford such luxury?

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Wow a fast lens with a price this reasonable. I may have to consider this ?

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I guess the 8k boosts what's available in the GoPro Max, but the rugged build is still a win. Love seeing where this is progressing to, and consuming the content when on the web.

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Has anyone received their new cam from the Trade-Up program yet?
Looking for real time estimates of the process from when they receive to when they ship?

Very diverse times/answers on GoPro Commuity page but only 3 commenters there.

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I think the XR only has one camera/lens?

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I think the Kickstarter is a marketing tool more than a source of funding. Zhiyun has so many successful products they will manufacture this for sure. In fact I have a Zhiyun Smooth from years ago and it still functions like new. It has been dropped by my son and my daughter has a habit of laying on its side sending it into a function similar to a Tasmanian Devil in looney tunes.

As much as I want this newer gimbal, my old one refuses to die.

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Looks like a nice small lens.

Link | Posted on May 16, 2019 at 15:47 UTC as 6th comment

On my short list now, the Lowe Pro Tactic 450 has been great but lacks the additional space aside from camera gear.

Link | Posted on Apr 30, 2019 at 19:48 UTC as 29th comment

I wonder if then you could plug the camera directly into the iPad and edit while in the field?

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I really enjoyed the 85mm f/1.4 on my Olympus m4/3 but also liked the “zebra”MF tool the system had. AF on my Nikon would be a great lens if it is as sharp edge to edge. I will be an early adopter if it reviews well.

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lambert4: Looking forward to pricing. On my DX body this is where majority of my wide angle range is shot. I am interested for sure, loved my 10-16 ATX a few years ago. 3rd party progress and pressure is great for consumers

I completely missed that thank you.

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Looking forward to pricing. On my DX body this is where majority of my wide angle range is shot. I am interested for sure, loved my 10-16 ATX a few years ago. 3rd party progress and pressure is great for consumers

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I love it, from now on when the payment isn't received we publish the least flattering version of the clients. Seems it should be written into the original contract also?

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pretty impressive and seems faster than my old Elements 10, but might just be the hardware?

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I hate the way these comment digress to arguing. I had an E3 and then an EM1 mk1 loved them, but for action and sports they were just far enough behind that I made the switch to Nikon. Speed and predictable AF is a no brained, my D500 was a huge improvement. Also a huge increase in size, I have longed for the day when I could haul a great camera with effective 80-280mm f5.6 (40-140 2.8) a teleconverter and a few primes in a small sling bag out cycling or backpacking for a full day with no worries or backaches. As excited as I am for the new lens this system Oly and Panasonic are really pushing the envelope for what this humble sensor should be capable of.

I also like the falling prices of the mk1 and mk2 used so I may add a second system for adventures that would benefit from the weight savings.

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