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  • I believe you're thinking of the new version of the 45-200mm F4.0-5.6.  Panasonic is also developing a Leica branded 50-200 f2.8-4.0, which I believe is a new design.
  • I believe Pentax did this with the K-01, but it wasn't very well received.
  • You should be able to use aperture priority mode to keep the aperture constant. You'd have to use f4 or higher, as that's the widest aperture supported at all focal lengths.

  • The G85 is essentially the G8, under the old product series naming.  The G and GH series have *always* had a FAS.  It would be news if one *didn't*.
  • Yes.  The newer version is also F3.5-5.6, while the older is F4.0-5.8.
  • Commented on article CES video: the Panasonic GH5

    I think there are a couple of announced features that can make improvements in these areas.

    First, the improved de-mosaic and noise reduction support may increase effective dynamic range by...

  • I don't think it's that.  I think Olympus has two problems that Panasonic doesn't. One is that the features that make the EM1mk2 expensive, such as very high frame rates, are not seen as essential ...
  • They are not able to do so.  For many video shooters, a key feature is being able to flip the screen to face forward without being blocked by a tripod or a hot shoe mounted light or microphone. ...
  • I bought one of these as a pre-made version of the same, but I found the tether is just about the perfect length to swing the metal carabiner up and around into the front of the lens, so I ...
  • Replied in Sweet
    Yup, clearly a Cinema Prime. As the article mentions, the "toothed" focus ring is designed for a follow-focus setup.  Stating the "T-value" rather than "f-stop" is another indicator.
  • Isn't it only F8 equivalent in terms of depth of field? Is narrow depth of field even a consideration for birding? "Fast" or "slow" is meant to refer to the shutter speeds that can be used, and...

  • On something like the E-M1, the left-hinged fully articulated screen is usually included to appeal to video shooters. Video shooters often need to record themselves talking to the camera, so they ...
  • Are you saying it's out of sync by that much, or just that the sound takes a moment to start recording at the beginning?

  • Definitely something you should be planning on.  In particular, you really shouldn't use the built-in microphones on any cameras in the $1000 range.  If you want maximum flexibility for minimum ...
  • Dan, in your comments on the jerky movements with video stabilization, you said, "We observed this issue when using both a Dual I.S. 2 capable lens (the 12-60 F3.5-5.6 kit) as well as a third-party...

  • The CIPA standard measurement is supposed to be very reproducible, and I believe both Olympus and Panasonic use this measure now. I'm not sure how well it corresponds to real-world usage, but at...

  • Sam, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but for many video shooters that makes it a non-starter.

    Personally, I also find a tilt screen more awkward. I keep a fully articulated screen...

  • Richard, I can't quite tell from the review, but it doesn't look like you can set it up on a tripod to film yourself and flip the screen around so you can see it. Is that correct?

  • I briefly saw a question about what positions I use for these, that I think you later edited it out.  In case it's helpful: The people who care about having the display right up to their right eye ...
  • Commented on article Ricoh debuts colorful Theta SC

    I'm not sure if you will consider the IQ decent, but there is the Samsung Gear 360.


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