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Pentax SPs, ME, MX, MG, P3s, P50, K1000,
ZX-7, istDS, K100DS, K200D, K10D, K-x, K5

Mamiya M645s +45, 55, 80, 150, 210

Pen ST/SMC 35, 50s, 105, 135, 200, 300, 35-70, 80-210, DA 16-45, FA 28-105, DA 16-45, *300, 18-135,

Tam 300/2.8, 180/2.5, 90/2.5, 24/2.5, 35-80, 28-75, 10-24 , 80-200, 24-135, 75-300, ++

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  • Both are appealing - why not two prints? I'd prefer to do some ol' fashioned dodging and burning  for the left eye and a little more contrast in the B&W to give it the attraction the eyes will ...
  • Ahh, yes . . . perfectly imperfect . . . and quite satisfying too.
  • Replied in More like
    kitsios_spyros wrote: "...a photograph should convey a message, a feeling or a point (meaning), and I believe that the above conveys loneliness Mako2011 wrote: "... Then rather than "Lonely ...
  • Good examples of my favorite use of the Tamron 70-200mm and its elder brother, the AD-2 80-200.  They're fine ' nature portrait lenses '  with 10-50mm of extension tubes or the Pz-AF 1,4x TC -- not ...
  • The KP is admirable and wonderfully computer-rich in capability but the H1a, Spotmatic and K1000 taught us how to use a camera and understand photography. As impressive as it is, you ain't gonna ...
  • Commented on photo Ag pass 01 in the Turboprop incoming. challenge

    Yeah, I sort'a knew that - seemed intuitively obvious from the intake/exhaust profile if nothing else. Pretty common sprays acft. It wasn't a 502 but I didn't have one on the ramp that day. H2

  • Commented on photo Ag pass 01 in the Turboprop incoming. challenge

    An Air Tractor 402B - This IS actually a "turboprop incoming". Obviously a turbo prop. Flaps extended for landing.

    Do not see a requirement to list a specific aircraft type -- although "Ag...

  • Submitted a challenge entry 51Y inst pnl sb
    101 smokin' mph in 51Y
    Placed 24th in the challenge. 101 smokin' mph in 51Y
  • Submitted a challenge entry LBL main barn
    Land Between the Lakes, TN - The Home Place
    Placed 28th in the challenge. Land Between the Lakes, TN - The Home Place
  • Submitted a challenge entry N610P sb
    10Papa flare Rwy 20 KPHT
    Placed 12th in the challenge. 10Papa flare Rwy 20 KPHT
  • Submitted a challenge entry Ag pass 01
    AgCat on final to Rwy 20 KPHT
    Placed 19th in the challenge. AgCat on final to Rwy 20 KPHT
  • I too miss the mechanical cable release feature and the ability to use a really looong pneumatic release. My solution's much like Jens' except I use 8-32 thread nuts epoxied to the top as an anchor ...
  • Brand name aside, the Tamron Adaptall SP 80-200/2.8 (30A) and more recently the SP AF 70-200/2.8 are the only lenses I use with the Pz-AF 1,4X TC at less than maximum focal length . That ...
  • I discovered that set of tubes should have been from 1- 12 mm to be useful with any but the 06 lens at max FL. Probably not easily feasible to include useful auto contacts in such short tubes though.
  • Created for sale thread Medium format film kits
    If interested in a medium format Bronica S2a or Mamyia 645 or TLR (film) kit please PM me. H2
  • Buttery soft bokeh or crystal-crisp star effect --- or both in one lens? Has there been . . . or is it practicable to design . . . aperture leaves with asymmetrical  shapes (smooth-curved AND sharp ...
  • Submitted a challenge entry Billy's hat sb
    Family - street scene
    Placed 14th in the challenge. Family - street scene
  • Submitted a challenge entry B&P b sb
    Street scene - family group
    Placed 40th in the challenge. Street scene - family group
  • SR's issues have become like the M42 adapter. Originally intended to be semi-permanently attached to a K-mount body to allow those with an extensive M42 lens kit to 'catch up' with the new K-mount ...
  • And you ask if I want sardines on my pizza??
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