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All digital files have published dates when they were created or posted. It would seem to me that a standard 20 years copyright date should be extended to so called orphaned photos may not be exploited by corporations. Just because you find an image that you can't find the owner of doesn't give you ANY rights to it.
You didn't produce it. It isn't your right to steal it and use it. Thats my thought on it. Want to use a so called " orphaned photo?" if the right law protecting photographers was in place, you'd have to wait 20 years before you can exploit the " Unknown" photographers. Corporations have no respect for individuals rights or property. Just because you find an image on the web--doesn't mean you have ANY right to it.

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1852 comments in total)

Thank goodness for DXOmark software. I find myself even using Adobe Lightroom less and less. Have you ever dealt with Adobe customer support? That is another nightmare to behold. HORRIBLE! Adobe---please stop outsourcing your tech support to countrys that don't speak intelligible English. Cracks me up when I have to ask the rep to repeat themselves 6 times in a row the same word and it sounds exactly the same as the first time they mispronounced it. You can do better Adobe. However, my question is this.....Is Adobe still relevant?

The sound of a pin dropping.....

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Adobe Phototoshop is still relevant? Don't see any need to upgrade . Plenty of other alternatives out there.

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On article Nokia rumors bring hope for new camera hardware (26 comments in total)

I think the camera with multiple tiny lenses makes sense for camera phones. Very cool idea.

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On article Roger Cicala compares Zeiss and Canon 135mm f/2 lenses (88 comments in total)

In order for me to use a manual focus lens, I'd have to use the lens peaking on my Sony A77. Otherwise, it is a futile effort as there are not manual focusing screens on the DSLRs today, so unless your camera has lens peaking, shooting with a manual lens could be a problem.

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On article You'll have to wait a "year-ish" for Google Glass (76 comments in total)

simple--Have a red led illuminated when the user is recording just like the ones on the top of TV studio cameras that let the newscasters know they are live and being recorded. No big deal. Then you know when you are being recorded.

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If you are in public, expect to have your photograph taken. However, there is a term called disturbing the peace that he is walking a fine line. I follow the idea---to others-- do no harm. If your activity as a photographer is distressing others in a public place, there is always the danger of someone becoming violent and a danger factor to deal with. People pack guns and in some areas don't hesitate to use them. Be careful Tergo.

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I think the wifi capability is the key issue here over the older model. Sounds like a very nice camera.

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Reminds me of a great photographer I know that uses Holga plastic lens camera with medium format film to shoot images.
For photojournalist, its the content that sells the image whether it is a technically perfect image or not. Different standards for different media.
Surprise!--there are actually quite a few photojournalists that are using point and shoot cameras for their work. This has been going on for a very long time. My gut feeling is that the degradation of the quality of photography for newspapers and magazines is the reason why newspapers and magazines are cutting their pro photographer staffs to a minimum and just purchasing stock photos for their articles. Canned photography seems to be the solution for news media. Wonder why your newspapers are crap? These dinosaurs are hanging on by a thread. Instagram and iphones are just another symptom of the dumbing down and lowered expectations of our society. Mediocre seems to be the theme for the sheeple.

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On article DxOMark investigates lenses for the Nikon D800 (80 comments in total)

I only wonder about the comment that a ten percent increase in resolution is worth investing in a new camera system that will require spending even more more money to upgrade existing lenses to really extract the potential of the sensor?
Sigma is addressing the newer super high generation sensors with new lens offerings like the 35mm f1.4 for APC cameras and the soon to be released 30mm f 1.4 for full frame cameras in their " Art" series as well as major upgrades to their other lens lines. Competition is great for photographers. Maybe these tests will prompt the manufacturers to really push the lens technology to take full advantage of these higher resolution sensors.
I just wonder how much further optical technology can be pushed to match these super high resolution sensors. Where is the limit?

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On article Richard Franiec creates accessory grip for Sony RX100 (116 comments in total)
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MartinaB: I am not sure how this is news when a similar grip was discussed June 21 in the Sony forum.

And this blog reported a grip for the RX100 June 20:

MartinaB--Dont understand why you attack other's success?Richard's excellent high quality grips didn't just design themselves. It took design creativity and expertise. One thing that Dpreview does do right is they recognize excellence and innovation. Is a mention worth sales on dp! fantastic. Sorry that you are so miserable---but that won't stop Richard from having the success that he deserves!

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On article Sony announces SLT-A58 20MP mid-level DSLR-style camera (128 comments in total)
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simon65: 6 years ago Pentax managed to make a small compact DSLR with a large optical pentaprism viewfinder sporting a 0.95 x magnification.

Neither they nor anyone else has ever managed to repeat that feat.

Why I ask?

For I will never understand the mindset of a company like Sony that makes a 'DSLR' camera and then sticks an electronic viewfinder in it.

The whole USP of a DSLR is meant to be its viewfinder, an optical viewfinder, and the larger the better. If you can stick all that in an compact body like Pentax managed back in 2005/6, so much the better.

Alas we appear to be regressing. I dare say this Sony has a great sensor, but I won't haul a DSLR around all day unless I also get the reward of an decent sized optical viewfinder (which rules out the Nikon D3200 and D5200), and even then I won't go above a body 550g.

It the same old story. So many cameras, so little genuine choice.

The EVF took some time to get used to---but I agree with you that I like it much better than optical viewfinders. A few situations has left me wishing for an optical viewfinder---but 99% of the time, I like it better!

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How fun. Love it. I love the huge polaroid instant cameras too! That would make it even more amazing! Use an instant film back!

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Gimp anyone? I use DXO and lightroom 4.0 depending on which camera I'm shooting with.

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tom trinko: This is just the latest example of the media exploiting innocent people to make money.

How many times have we seen family members of people who have died being ambushed at their front door by TV crews?

The bottom line is that while this is offensive it is no more so than the way the media have treated people in the past.

It's clear the major media only cares about their own profits and most major media reporters only care about their career advancement. The suffering they inflict on innocent people-- relatives of killing victims, relatives of people who die in disasters, people accused of crimes but with no criminal record, etc-- apparently means nothing to them.

On a less severe note are the paparazzi who refuse to acknowledge that even famous people have some right to privacy, at least when they're in their own homes.

Don't blame the messenger. The newspaper took the photograph and sensationalized it. There was nothing wrong with the photograph. The photographer did his job and a good one. It was the paper that improperly used the photo and presented it in a way with headlines that were tastesless and offensive. Paparrazi have the right to do their job--any famous person that goes in public or any person for that matter shouldn't expect any privacy in public spaces. We can't control newspapers and how they use our photographs, but I'll be damned if I stop shooting a tragedy---someone needs to document what happens for the authorities and news. I recall that tianamon square masacre in China wouldn't have been known the world around if the press and photographers hadn't gotten the word and photos out. Fascist suppression of the press by totalitarian governments is what you will have if you continue to attack photographers for doing their job.

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The photograph isn't a problem. Photojournalist capture real events all the time all around the world--that is our job. The sensationalized Headline of Doom--this man is about to die is deplorable and insensitive. This ongoing attack on photojournalist and aggressive hate towards us doing our jobs is ridiculous. The photo isn't horrible--the way the newspaper presented and the context in which is was presented is shameful. I don't think this should have been presented as a front page photo--but that's my opinion. What about all the war photographers? Are they despicable too for doing their job and photographing people getting shot and killed in battle? Stop vilifying photographers and photojournalism.

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How about donating some of the 10 million severance package to the Gary Mercer charity----me. :)

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