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My photographs are being held in perpetuity in two museum permanent collections. I had my five minutes of fame. Perfect.


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Alternative Method: Been using manual exposure, TTL and HSS for shooting situation like this when dealing with a brightly backlit background. I set the camera on Manual exposure and select the Aperture and ISO that I want to use. Then use the shutter speed dial to dial in the ambient background exposure level wanted. Once the ambient is set, take shoot the image. The flash output can be adjusted using the " Fn" quick menu and adjusting the flash compensation + or - . This method is fast and simple. Below is an image of a hummingbird shot using this method. Hope this is helpful.

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fzrTom: Oooohhh nooooooooo !!!
The best tool to denoise,
PRIME is so amazing,
it changes every camera into an ISO monster

The noise reduction algorithm in DXO photolab is second to none. Just my humble opinion...

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Another $200+ dollar camera bag. GEESH! I just need a big backpack camera bag that protects my equipment and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This is getting ridiculous.

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mr_landscape: P20 will have nearly N808 quality or maybe the same, but definitely not better, simply because of the sensor size. I managed to develop such workflow, from which i can easily achieve crispy clear 3000x2000 files, without any noise. Of course only in daylight.

Convert image to 16bit mode
Crop extreme borders to throw away blurry corners
Apply delicate noise reduction
Resize with sharpening to 3000x2000
2-nd pass noise reduction
Apply contrast curve
Do color processing
Apply selective sharpening

Such processing easily outflank cheap image computing from any “modern” device.
Mobile algorithms are optimized for power consumption, so they are not precise, as desktop ones. So dump your iPhoneX, Google P2 to garbage bin.

Here is sample link for your enjoyment. Some random pix from goldie N808.
First 30 pix or so. Full sized images available.

So, guys, 2012 tech is still on the top. Believe it or not. Enjoy computing.

Too bad those cameras are on an android phone....

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stupid mindless fodder. LOL

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anticipation_of: Would really love to know what's driving this change. It seems either nakedly cynical or rather desperate, depending. It's definitely a customer-hostile move, a big "screw you" to all the people who like and use their gear. Even if you can afford it, you now have to reckon with the fact that Leica is the kind of company that does this kind of thing to their fans.

You could have very easily put this information that you added in comments into the article : "this revision is necessary due to the current exchange rates and the increase in raw materials and production costs"--Barney. Why did you exclude this information from the article, Barney?

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Gary Dean Mercer Clark: More "softball" journalism by

Thanks for pointing out the typo. Why don't you correct it then if it bothers you?

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Photato: Adobe DNG have had a similar type of loosy Raw compression for many years now. It was about time that Canon updated its Raw format to offer options to its loyal but abused user base.

Canon Abused User Base? What are you smoking?

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More "softball" journalism by

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On article Pro Services: Are they worth it? (151 comments in total) might want to post links to Sony, Canon and Nikon professional support services webpages at this article's end.

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At least film is still alive and can be purchased...

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BobT3218: While they are at it, how about making it easier to take portrait shots, I don't know, rotate the sensor 90° perhaps. You may not have noticed it but the world is going vertical. According David Pogue's article "Video Disorientation" in the March issue of Scientific American, 72% of millennials take their smatphone pics and videos vertically. I do it and I'm sure you do it as well. Sure one can hold the phone horizontally but that takes two hands, few do it. The media industry has noticed.

Function follows form. Millennials are being unfairly portrayed. I shoot a surprising number of vertical shots versus horrizontal-----I call those portraits.

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Scottelly: Sigma really needs a 70-200mm f2.8 OS Sport more than an Art version of that same lens.

I wish Sigma would make a faster Sigma SD Quattro and a few more Sport lenses, like a 35-135mm f4 OS Sport and a 600mm f5.6 OS Sport, as well as a 70-200mm f2.8 OS Sport. I'd like to see a 50-150mm f2.8 OS Sport too . . . but one that's smaller than their 50-100mm f1.8 Art.


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garyknrd: Is their AF any better than it used to be?

Ditto: Verified better AF. Answer: YES!

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On article Sigma interview: 'This is just the beginning' (340 comments in total)

Love Sigma lenses. Shoot almost exclusively with the " Art" series in the Sony A-mount. Mr. Yamaki, please consider making more " Art " lenses for the Sony A-mount along with the e-mount. Feeling orphaned by Sony and now Sigma....:(

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Great review of analog photography techniques by

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On article Why brand market share shouldn't matter to you (552 comments in total)
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Mark Banas: Next, you're going to say we should actually *use* a particular camera (or camera brand) before making sweeping judgments about capability, competitiveness, or suitability for a purpose. You know perfectly well we'd rather just read spec sheets, reviews (!), and marketing drivel in order to pontificate endlessly! ;)


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What a horror story for a photography business! Never had an unhappy client or ran into non-payment issues for any of my work so far.....Knocking on wood.....

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Future paperweight.

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digitalweddings: Hang him...

Lack of common sense has nothing to do with gender, Wes. In my experience I've seen equal lack of common sense demonstrated by males and females. Stupidity has no gender.

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