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A proud London citizen and UK admirer. My dream is to be able to go to each and every beautiful place in London and take some photographs for my own collection.

I am not a professional photographer but an IT specialist in a London based rubbish removal company. So if you have any rubbish issues you know who to call! We are one of the biggest waste management providers in London and there are different rubbish clearance options, from office & house clearance to garden waste and builders disposal.


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Shinsei: Hasselblad should let Sony to make their digital back.
That way, it will become much cheaper than themselves make it.

And rusted screws.

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Clear Lens: Which of these tripods are made in China?

I think it was a rhetorical question.

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Kawika Nui: A lot of very soft images, rather drab with little DR. I see nothing better than the GX7 can get with kit lenses and long zooms. Very disappointing.

Agree with you.

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Hugo808: Great stuff. A portfolio to be highly proud of.

Indeed, amazing photos!

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Tan68: 'Bag for life' reinforced with corn husks and gorilla tape.

Think 'what would Behr Grylls do'

Haha! Wonder if there is a section to place your machete...

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JohnEwing: Anyone else sick of reading about selfies?

Still, if they make the cameras sell better...

Sadly, they do make cameras sell better.

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tomblankenship-dot-com: I've been struggling to find the replacement for my 5 year old Canon 40D. The images from the 40D are excellent, but it is technically behind times.

When the 7D was first released, I bought one, but returned it because of what I perceived as sensor noise. Bad decision on my part! The camera was technically all my 40D is not. So, now that there are scant few left as the shelves clear for the 7D Mk II, I just ordered a brand new 7D (not Mk II) at a bargain basement price. I can't wait to revisit this incredible camera once again.

I am curious, also.

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AdamT: Still worthy 10 years on because you can shoot it at any selectable ISO in RAW and it`ll be excellent, doesn`t ever get noisy (about half a stop or less noisier than the D700 or D3S in Capture one at ISO3200) , even the DR is good - JPG engine is both dated and limited but as a RAW only camera, it stands up .. Pixel level sharpness (therefore resolution of fine details) is better the D700 or D3 due to a weaker AA filter .

Focus is fast enough , though really best seen as a centre focus only system due to the lack of cross sensors anywhere else , excellent on batteries too.

Totally agree, except for the focus part, it can be improved for that value.

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MARMITE: I have not had a good time with this camera. Just over a year after buying it the camera stopped working and SONY charged me £117 for the repair. Now just 7 months later the camera has a different fault and will not focus or take photos. Sony want a further £117 for repairs!! I feel this is not what i expected from a camera at this price and SONY are not interested in the fact that possibly I have a poor quality camera. I would NEVER recommend a Sony camera to anyone

hey, sorry for your bad luck. Sony manufactures good, but sometimes quite unreliable cameras, I agree.

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howellls: Inretesting article and feedback. I have been using primarily the Nikon D70, D300s, D5200s, alon with a canon 20d, 40d, t2i systems. Also scored great deals on some pentx models k10d. K01 and k5. The pentax are amazing bargins since they were 350 each on closeout with kits lend. I am very curious to try full frame since I do a majority of people photos. I was leaning towards the a Nikon d750 since it has that nice feel like my like new d300s. But a salesmen I spoke to pointed out that all my lens bring DX would not work with full frame. He suggested I save some money and go with the alpha 7 series. I don't take many movies and he said the focusing on the alpha was 2nd to known
Would be curioius for some feedback
My d300s is like new with its 18-200 lense so I may be able to sell it. Too bad pentax does not make an FX
The reason on ruled canon out is while the results are wonderful I have be plagued with the err99 and that's been frustrating

Go for d750, you won't regret.

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jf_tea: Text is the best medium for reviews and articles because it allows the readers to ingest the information at a rythm that suit them. Text also allows quick search either with our eyes or with a search function in the browser or in the web site.
You can cut down on the video content.
And, thanks for all the good work !

Totally agree with you. Even video testimonials can't work that well.

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frank46: I don't understand why Nikon removes low pass filter in D5500 and does not remove in D750.
Anyone can explain to me?

A/B testing?

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KSHONIRAMAN: It is very sad Nikon gets these problems quite often. As Nikon sells thousands of camera bodies in each region , it is very difficult for one/two service centers to satisfy all those who have bought these defect cameras.
High time Nikon / Canon set up ten times service centers/ service clinics in each region to address these problems with highest efficiency.

I agree, it is nothing for them. They already got the quality in recent years, now they rely on quantity. So this is almost nothing.

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On article Canon EOS 5D Mark II In-depth Review (11 comments in total)

It has shown its great value over money.

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On article Budget X: Hands-on with Fujifilm's new X-A2 (162 comments in total)
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Timmbits: this sensor offers sharper images than the xsensor...
but does fuji need an xsensor in order to garner anyone's attention?

Its price and easy and fast to operate menus are more than enough. But yeah, extras sell a product better.

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Gollan: In the past, how did SI staff photographers get into premium sporting events? Presumably they were invited or special arrangements were made. Can freelancers even get sideline/trackside/courtside access to premium sporting events? Most venues don't allow regular ticket-buyers to use "pro" cameras. How will SI guarantee they will have good quality photos of any particular event since a freelancer who gets in can just sell his or her work to the highest bidder. For some events, SI might end up buying iPhone photos taken by a "freelancer" in the front row.

Thats the way to do it, isn't it? That credentials can be delivered by the photographer's agency (if not freelancing), in some way it builds trust.

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Zain Khalid: Hey Guys ,
Should i get the 7D Mark II or The D7200 ?
I'm little confused because of the DXOMark Image Quality Scores .

Go for 7D Mark II.
I had 7D, I dont think I would've ever replaced it if an incident didn't occur.

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Prasad Shines: I couldn't wait till December, bought Nikon D750 yesterday with a Nikkor 28-300mm 1:3.5-5.6G VR lense . This lense replace every other wide, normal,Tele, macro & Zoom. It's Nikon newest and best ? It's superb for photographing anything that reasonably still

And? Are you happy with your choice? Otherwise, a reasonable alternative.

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chj: "GF7’s 180 degree flip-up screen. It’s great for taking selfies, but not so useful if you’re trying to take overhead shots at a concert"

Just hold the camera upside down

What a clever way. Selfies evolution.

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