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    Maybe it’s just a particular 128GB card? I use a Lexar 128GB UHS-II card in slot 1 with no problems (i use it when shooting high bandwidth video).
  • Apologies for the late reply. very good info from you both, many thanks (Iliah, you’re a legend here, it’s an honour to have you contribute to my esoteric thread :-) I’m afraid I haven’t given all ...
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    Happlily, I can definitively say that 512GB cards do work in Slot 1:  I’ve put almost 100,000 photos on 512GB cards (Sandisk, Lexar & Kingston UHS-I cards) in slot 1 in my A7III. Slot 2 too :-)
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    Ha ha, 1TB cards would be nice! I've been sourcing used (barely used) 512GB cards for about 1/2 of new, the 1TB cards are uncomfortably out of my price range (all the equipment I've invested in ...
  • If you set that setting, yes. So you're thinking that maybe the camera will then stop writing to slot 2 and suddenly go back to slot 1 when I put a card in? Hmm, that's a very good point.  I can ...
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    Wow, it powered your laptop for 36 hours? That's quite impressive (I forgot that the latest Mac laptops are powered by USB-C, that's really useful). That opens up more possibilities, thanks. Intere ...
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    Hey fellow timelapse photog! :-) The first project was to create a static timelapse of London over three-ish days to be used on a huge 4K display in a company’s waiting room. When they contacted me ...
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    Hey, that's a great article, thanks for the pointer! You've got me re-thinking the tethering option. Powering a laptop with a car battery isn't something I'd considered, another thanks! As for the ...
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    My original post was a query, to see if anyone knew the answer before I tested the hardware. Surely this isn't an unreasonable request? Happily, no challenge at all. The camera can be set up to ...
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    I won't, I have several cards, enough to shoot the whole sequence. But it was a good question, I appreciate the contribution :-)
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    Oh, I’ll definitely be trying it before the actual shoot, this post is just the first step in the testing (just wanted to find out if anyone knew the answer before I started testing the hardware). ...
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    Impractical, I'm afraid. The shooting location is away from power (no way to power a laptop for 24 hours), and space is limited (no room for a generator). It's a good suggestion though! (now I'm ...
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    Thanks for the reply, I very much appreciate it. I do plan to experiment, but I thought I'd ask for info first, before I risked corrupting a card (I'll buy some small, cheap, ones to experiment with).
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    Hi, I'm a professional timelapse photographer, and I have taken many tens of thousands of photos with the sun in shot. Some examples: https:/ ...
  • Hi All, tl;dr I need to shoot 45,000 photos in a row for a 30 minute timelapse movie. I need to swap out cards to hold all those photos, but there isn't time to turn off the camera to do the swap ...
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    Wow, the E1 is a really interesting prospect, thanks very much for the pointer! Just gotta figure out if I can drive it the way I need to (gotta at least have an external battery, and unlimited ...
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    Good info, many thanks. You obviously know your stuff, that's insightful advice. I typically use large external batteries, even for my cameras with large batteries (the Sony A7 series batteries are ...
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    Thanks for that info. I'll be crossing a GM1 off the list :-)
  • I have a colleague who is shooting with an Olympus. Not sure which one it is, I'll ask him about the E-M10, thanks!
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    Good info again, thanks.
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