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    Wow, the E1 is a really interesting prospect, thanks very much for the pointer! Just gotta figure out if I can drive it the way I need to (gotta at least have an external battery, and unlimited ...
  • Replied in for uRebel Rob
    Good info, many thanks. You obviously know your stuff, that's insightful advice. I typically use large external batteries, even for my cameras with large batteries (the Sony A7 series batteries are ...
  • Replied in for SteveY80
    Thanks for that info. I'll be crossing a GM1 off the list :-)
  • I have a colleague who is shooting with an Olympus. Not sure which one it is, I'll ask him about the E-M10, thanks!
  • Replied in for junk1
    Good info again, thanks.
  • Replied in for junk1
    Great recommendation, thanks!
  • Hi All, I'm a timelapse photographer, and I'm looking for a really small body that I can use for on-the-go work. I've found a used Panasonic GM1 that's going for a good price. I've found a way to ...
  • Heya, Thanks for the recommendation. If Towergate Camerasure can please a grumpy old sod, they should be good enough for me. I'll give them a call :-) Cheers! Chas
  • Hi All, UK pro photog here. I'm in the market for a new insurer. I made a claim last year (two damaged cameras plus one damaged lens from a fall, all repaired, no write-offs), and my excess went ...
  • Replied in For FrancoD
    Ah, but all roads lead to roam! ;-)
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    Thats a good mission :-) I don't blame them, it's become a longer thread than I anticipated, and my followup post is a bit buried.
  • Replied in Correct
    correct Yeah :-/
  • Replied in For isme
    Great recommendation, very much appreciated! So you use it as a body camera? How do you deal with the relatively short battery life?
  • Replied in for Aberaeron
    Well, it's not all _that_ bad! I'm condensing my experiences over the years, and I of course up my odds of an unwanted encounter by spending a higher than average time shooting (if I'm not ...
  • @keepreal: fellow Londoner here. Doable!

    Beachy Head/Seven Sisters Cliffs/Birling Gap (right near Eastborne) are a quick train ride south of London. This is where I shot...

  • Replied in for Derek
    Hi Derek, Thanks for the feedback and recommendation, I'll definitely check out a Veho camera and a suitable battery pack (I have a nice USB system set up for my gopro to shoot timelapse, but it's ...
  • Thanks for the replies, everyone, I really appreciate it. Regardless of good wishes, I'm still going to get a body cam. I feel a need for it. I should have pointed out that this is not the first ...
  • I had a crazy woman accuse me of being a terrorist in London the other day. It was not a good experience. I want to get a body camera to protect myself against such false accusations. I'm just a ...
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