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    Hey, thanks! Ok, now I need to think on this one again... :-)
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    Thanks for the further endorsement, Doug :-)
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    Great recommendation, many thanks. I see that there are actually 3 models of this charger. I can skip the M variant that also charges D and C cells (LOL, don't know when I last had a piece of kit ...
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    Thanks very much, Fazal. Huh, I never thought Ikea would be a good place to go to get multi-battery chargers! It actually has 12 separate channels, not bad :-) Cheers! Chas
  • Hi All, I frequently have to charge between 12 and 16 AA batteries at a time (for speedlight flashes). My Ansmann " energy 16 " charger has died, so I'm looking for a replacement (one that isn't so ...
  • @maxnimo, while that's correct (I have one, 12 high CRI LEDs, great for video), they get really really hot (on "turbo", mine is too hot to handle in less than 2 minutes). I wonder how hot these new...

  • Ha ha, exactly! A night-day-night timelapse is exactly the goal :-)
  • hi All, I'm going to Iceland tomorrow (Dec 1), and from Dec 4th-6th I'll be at the Reykjanes Peninsula. Can anyone offer suggestions of great photo locations in the area? A Google search on the ...
  • A quick follow up: heading to Iceland tomorrow. Forecast: rain and solid cloud for a week. So much for the cold-weather prep! :-( but i wanted  to thank everyone anyways. Thanks!
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    LOL, that's great advice! I did once have a fur hat I bought in Leningrad in '86, but I can't find it anywhere :-(
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    Hi Dan, thanks very much for the suggestion, I really appreciate you taking the time. Yes, that one is available in the UK, but I fear it'll rip off as I walk with the camera on a sling strap ...
  • Created discussion thread UK source for replacement eyecup A7II?
    Hi All, The rubber of the eyecup on my A7II has ripped, and I'd like to source a replacement. I did order two from amazon UK, but they turned out to be hard plastic. I wear glasses, and a hard ...
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    That's great, practical advice, many thanks! Chas
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    That's great, thanks so much!
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    Ah, that makes me feel much better :-) fyi: heated socks suck for feet, but make good dew heaters for lenses!
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    Hmm, I'll take your advice to heart, thanks for the follow-up. The only reason I'm seriously thinking of these arctic boots is because of the many hours I spend standing in one spot, shooting ...
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    Thanks for the reply Wayne, I really appreciate it. Since my OP, I've tested two Samyang 24mm f/1.4 lenses, both had QC problems (not flat field). This lens is going to be only for astro work, so ...
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    That's all really good advice, many thanks! I've tried a couple copies of the Samyang 24mm f/1.4, but both weren't good (focal plane issues). I'm up for getting another one, I hope it's a good copy! ...
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    You're right, my bad for the assumption! And you've confirmed that I've made some bad assumptions about how cold it gets in Iceland (in my defence, it is _Ice_land!). After better research, I ...
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    Oops, I mean Celsius, but at that temp, they're pretty close :-) I have a top pair of winter boots that I've had for 25 years (not hard wear, at least not for the 17 years Iv'e been here in the ...
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