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keepreal: Wow. I'd love to see all this and would gladly go on my next summer holiday to a place where it is possible. Maybe I will. Please tell me alternative places, bearing in mind that I live in London, England.

Maybe photographing it shows more here than possible to the naked eye. Can you tell me if that is the case? I have seen lots of spectacular night skies in still photos of various galaxies and the areas nearby where there are enormous clouds of whatever. Is that only possible in photos with long exposures or with merges to effectively up the apparent ISO, or can one see all this with the naked eye and good quality 8 X 40 binoculars?

From Britain you see only a few starts. I have seen more from Italy and a lot more from the USA, but nothing remotely like this.

@keepreal: fellow Londoner here. Doable!

Beachy Head/Seven Sisters Cliffs/Birling Gap (right near Eastborne) are a quick train ride south of London. This is where I shot these:

And I went out to Dorset to shoot these. Not as easy to get to as Eastborne, but definitely within a Londoner's reach:

And these are from Devon (a bit far for a Londoner, but still doable!). This one isn't a MW timelapse per se, rather I was there for the Perseid meteor shower:

I used to live in Canada, and we'd go north to camp sometimes when I was a kid. I've really missed seeing the Milky Way and Northern Lights (and I was envious of photographers who were shooting them!), so I started looking around to see where I could find them myself in the UK.


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cdembrey: Motion picture/video lighting is rated at 3 meters/10 feet. I doubt that this small unit is putting out 5400 LUX (502 foot candles) at 3 meters.

@maxnimo, while that's correct (I have one, 12 high CRI LEDs, great for video), they get really really hot (on "turbo", mine is too hot to handle in less than 2 minutes). I wonder how hot these new fotoiox lights get.

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art99: Is there anything out there ( battery pack ) that can power both camera and flash at the same time for extended flash shooting like on fashion shows where there is no time to swap and fast recycle times are needed ?

Yep, Matthew is right, I used to use a Quantum Turbo 2x2 exactly that way (one cable to the camera, one to the flash).

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chasg: Woah, who is shooting HDR time lapses on a 645Z?? :-)

Well, that's _me_ told then!

Sort of cheating though: those videos were commissioned by Promote, anyone _else_ shooting HDR timelapses on the Pentax? :-)

Stellar work on all fronts, wish I'd been involved (just getting into motion control timelapse myself).

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On article Promote Control extends support to Pentax 645Z (10 comments in total)

Woah, who is shooting HDR time lapses on a 645Z?? :-)

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Adrian Tung: Curious about the reason behind your post processing method, why you prefer using a destructive method (i.e. using the eraser to actually delete parts of the layer), instead of doing it non-destructively via layer masks?

I'd like to echo that question, as well as ask about the flattening (again, layer masks would be all you need to get the same result). Lovely results, and I mean no criticism, merely wondering re: your editing process.

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HarrieD7000: I just ordered a Eye-fi card from Trancend. The 16 Gb costs less than 45 euro's and is class 10. Almost twice as fast as the "real" Eye-fi card which is class 6. The older eye-fi cards were all class 4.
This card can't upload RAW, but I'm saving the RAW in my camera and send jpg to my iPad and iPhone for quick review. The Trancend can upload to 3 devices simultainous.
Trancend does have a 32 Gb Eye-fi card to, for less then 70 euro. This too is class 10.

I have the 32GB card, bought because I couldn't get the eyefi X2 here in the UK (just the lower-specc'ed Sandisc rebranded versions). I don't use the Transcend app (which is ok-ish), rather I use Shuttersnitch (all Transcend/Shuttersnitch people can thank me, I'm the one who brought the Transcend cards to the attention of the developer, who modified the app to work with these cards :-)

The process is pretty seamless, though I do sometimes have a bit of trouble connecting the card to my iPad. No need to be online, that's a strange requirement that eyefi had (seriously, what??).

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deleted_081301: Having just read all these incredibly stupid "Septics" in this article it no wander your people are always popping down to the nearest school or shopping mall and shooting everyone .....

Just fyi: "limey" is no longer considered an insult. You may wish to consider "uneducated and introverted yob" instead (just a suggestion, no insult intended to the aforementioned Limey! :-)

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BBC content that's not available in the UK? WTF?

Rats, I really wanted to read this. Perhaps if I stopped paying my license fee, I can look at this article?

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Schnee: I'll never understand why it is regarded acceptable to depict death and violence but not nudity.

Barney, that was funny as hell :-)

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