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D750, D7500
Nikon D200 + 18-200mmf3.5-5.6 AF - D ED G VR SB800
24-70mf2.8 AF-S D G 50mmf1.4 AF-D, 28-300mmf3.5-5.6 AF-D ED G VR,
Sony RX100M3
Nikon F90X


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I am running a Macbook pro 13' 2.9Ghz. It had a rotating disk whuch I swapped for an SSD. it was refurbished and a great deal.
The absence of ports is an issue to be sure,.

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Deleted pending purge: Why use terms like "pro camera", "semi-pro camera", "entry-level" etc.?
There are no such things.
There are cameras - and there are semi-pro, pro, or amateur users. And many pros go sometimes to their assignments with cameras that would raise quite a few eyebrows - yet, they manage to deliver what's been required.
All that's needed to prove this, is just hide the metadata...
Contrary to what many newcomers in the field think, it's not the hardware that delivers - it's the photographer. And a photographer (should) know how to use their camera within the frame of its technical ability, utterly eliminating wishful thinking, which is so common to newbies.
And those who tend to hold tightly to one manufacturer only should remember just what happened to dinosaurs... ;)

I agree. Years ago, I was asked to be backup at a wedding. The happy couple were worried about the pro's they had hired. So, Dad turned up with his Contax G1 and Ziess lenses, and, his F90X and 80-200mmF2.8 AF Nikkor. The two pros, young women, had Richos with standard and wide Ricoh primes. I was embarrassed.

When the shots were compared, I did pretty well. The flash fill with the SB26 and F90X and the reach of the 80-200 made life very easy. BUT, the pros won easily with shear artistry! They really knew how to get the atmosphere, and, the standard group shots. Their gear? It was good enough for them!


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Joe Ogiba: If you want bleeding edge camera technology forget Nikon or Canon, look for it from Sony or Panasonic.

I think this is fantastic! May I add a few things?

-Sensor 1" second gen no more than 14MP
-AF continuous speed-Nikon V1 class, with better low light AF.
-f1.8-f2.4 lens, this will make it a little larger, but, its important.
-Olympus XZ-1 style "pop off" lens cap. I loved this, the lens cap pops off when the lens starts (one needs a lanyard for the cap, but, so what?)


Its a great design..

Well done


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Don't like it...

1. The presentation is less dense, and, to see all the forums, one now has to scroll. This is a HUGE NEGATIVE, and a major HCI blunder!

2. Don't care about the rankings..

3.Lack of NEW indicators a serious loss.

4. My major beef with the original was that a real AI based serach engine was needed.

5. Maybe a multiple windowing view of a large forum was also needed..

Otherwise, I don't know why you bothered.. sorry to be so negative.

Karl Reed

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Attack on gray marketing.. This could be an attack on gray marketing. Retailers selling gray items often offer warranties using their own repair centre's If these are not Nikon authorised, then they won't be able to get spares, and, warranties will effectively be in operable.

I wonder if it violates competition law in Australia,or other countries..


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steelneck: Wish you could have asked them about leaf shutter in the lenses, i think it is a big mistake to rely on a focal plane shutter with a (compared to X100) silly 1/180s flash sync. I cannot see any reason to have both and use the leaf shutter in their own lenses and the focal plane shutter for other lenses, and of course as dust protection when changing lens. Maybe future lenses for the X-system will have leaf shutters? I bet the camera house can achieve support for such lenses through the FW.

It would also be very interesting to hear something more about focusing of other manual lenses with this camera.

Re the size of an FF camera.. I have said this many times on threads, but, a FF digital camera does not need to be larger than the X-Pro1. Its not much smaller than my Contax G1, a 35mm camera with tiny (FF) Ziess lenses. Is it much bigger than an M9. It would make excellent sense for someone market lenses in revers, that is, FF lenses existed BEFORE DX/APS-C cameras, but, why not make suitable focal length FF lenses, and initially sell them with an APS-C camera?

If Fuji have done this, they are pretty bloody smart!

karl Reed

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