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mark power: To all those jumping ship, wait for me. We have to admit their software is brilliant and their customer relations just about the worst in the business.The CEO smirks when he says outrageous charges are 'good value'. It's not even good value for Adobe, Mr Short-sightedness. This subscription gimmick is clearly only value for high end professionals and big studios. The fine-art photographer without institutional support - who I might add is just as professional a practitioner as as any studio photographer or photojournalist -is up the creek. Who can afford $50 a month or even $30 for a piece of software they might use 2-3 times a month? In my case I use Lightroom on a daily basis but now the handwriting seems to be on the wall for that fine product. I will dump it like its on fire if it goes the subscription route. Are all you Adobe competitors out there listening? Are you listening Aperture?

I too do not like their managements attitude, direction or anything else fort hat matter. I won't be waiting to see what they do to LR though - the writing's on the wall. I might as well start looking for alternatives so I have an option to go to when it happens, if not before.

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Sitting down at the beginning and looking at various options could have ended up being beneficial to both parties. It's obvious that the radio station is in the wrong. But maybe working together instead of against each other could have come to an arrangement that both could be happy with. It doesn't have to be $'s. Maybe she could have been compensated with free advertising, or had some arrangement to supply photo's to them for other projects that they do have a budget for...

But sadly I'd say that this is probably no longer possible, at least without the assistance of lawyers and more expense (and risk) from both sides. Add to the monetary value the cost of stress to both parties now and the time probably wasted by both sides, and quite possibly loss of sleep mulling over this in their minds, and I've got to ask - is it really worth it?

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This actually sounds more like 'Protection Money' roart that the Mafia use, only a more 'legal' threat that if they find something they can sue for they will, regardless of how minor it is - and I'm sure they would go digging if Nikon refused.

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