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  • You too! I like your website.
  • ADMint, you can't legally cut and paste what someone else wrote in a publication, even if it's bogus nonsense.
  • f/2 lens on a hand-held camera... could you shoot in dark-enough conditions for glow-in-the-dark markings?

    Sorry, just pointing out the obvious, but Leica makes "authentic" cameras, so I presume...

  • NAS just means that the storage has it's own network address and can be accessed independently of any computer on the network. Some NAS storage is set up as RAID, but not necessarily, and use of ...
  • Replied in Backup plan?
    That's one of the many things that nightly incremental full-system backups are for...
  • Replied in Next camera?
    The GH5 is a pretty advanced camera for sophisticated users. If you're not sure what lenses you want, you may not be ready for it.
  • Interesting evolution. I transitioned somewhat from desktop use to laptop use a few years ago, but maybe surprisingly I have transitioned back somewhat, even though I travel a lot with my laptop. ...
  • Really? More than once in your experience? My guess is you're using freeware... You get what you pay for... You should test the recovery process as soon as you've set it up, and periodically ...
  • Replied in Local vs. remote
    We have two desktops and two laptops. The backup system is a RAID that is on the home network and is accessed over the internet by the laptops when we are traveling.
  • I prefer an automatic, forget-about-it system that does an incremental backup of every change in my system, every night. Takes about 10 minutes most nights, and I have a status email from the ...
  • Fujifilm is a much larger manufacturer of industrial films (not specifically for cameras) than it is a manufacturer of cameras and lenses.

  • I see. You do it manually. I don't have the time or the inclination. And I'm superstitious that with a manual system, the inevitable failure will occur precisely when I have forgotten to follow my ...
  • Replied in Rolling the dice
    "Most" people never lose their data in a disk failure. Congratulations for still being one of the "most". Although I should not say "congratulations" -- they are random events, and occur ...
  • Replied in Types of backup
    All good backup software can do all 3 types: Full (entire data set); Differential (anything changed since last Full); Incremental (anything changed since last Full, Differential or Incremental); ...
  • "faux leather wraps around the body"... Good thing that "faux" means fake rather than some endangered species.

  • Replied in Low res thinking
    The only thing that's even funnier is the person who claims not to be interested but who still writes a long post about it.
  • I had an old PC that accepted the W10 initial release but not the more recent updates. Gateway does not have a hardware test routine on their website?
  • The normal mode on all Bayer filter cameras is that the actual resolution of color images is 1/4 the pixel count, since only 1/4 of the pixels are Blue or Red (Green being the other 1/2). The ...
  • Replied in One partition
    No, I don't. But my OS does. ;-)
  • Don't need to. W7 caught up with Apple and W10 leaves it in the dust. My condolences for having to deal with all that proprietary OS mess.
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