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f/2 lens on a hand-held camera... could you shoot in dark-enough conditions for glow-in-the-dark markings?

Sorry, just pointing out the obvious, but Leica makes "authentic" cameras, so I presume none of that matters.

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entoman: Always wondered about the logic behind changing the Fuji name. Originally the film-manufacturing branch was just plain Fuji, and the camera manufacturing branch was Fujica (as in FUJI CAmera). Then they changed the branding of the cameras to Fujifilm - although none of them accept film. VERY odd

Fujifilm is a much larger manufacturer of industrial films (not specifically for cameras) than it is a manufacturer of cameras and lenses.

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"faux leather wraps around the body"... Good thing that "faux" means fake rather than some endangered species.

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On article Canon patents fingerprint reader for cameras and lenses (191 comments in total)

Please don't refer to a patent application as a patent. There are many steps and years between the application and the patent grant. The application may be abandoned, rejected, significantly reduced etc.

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"It's good but, in spite of anything you may have read, it's not magic." Strange, I must have missed the article that claimed that it was magic.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Review (1022 comments in total)

Sort of pathetic when the "Editors' picks" comments are the ones that just restate the DPR position on their scoring methodology, verbatim.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Review (1022 comments in total)

Firestorm on Gold vs. Silver ratings! The detractors have some very valid points, and I am surprised at the defensiveness of the DPR staff. Your very precise ratings (down to a single percent point!) based on subjective criteria from different reviewers at different times are misleading (and frankly a bit silly -- your are confusing accuracy with precision). Scoring in each dimension should be standardized, and relative to the camera's 2-3 most direct competitors for sale today, with explanation. People care which camera is better. today, in various dimensions. Drop the numbers -- "79%" and "82%" and all the others that are picked subjectively.

Also, you have decided to assign Gold vs Silver ratings that try to account for when the camera was released (completely irrelevant to someone making a buying decision today). Roger Federer's current rating vs. Rafael Nadal does not consider when each of them turned pro, and it would be incomprehensible if it did.

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The DPReview Editorial Board must be starting 2018 with a very small list of quality stories...

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Available, one open-box Leica M-P.

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Imager of: Why don’t the people comparing just buy the new iPhone X?
Problem solved!

Hey, keep on buying Apple or... Think Different.

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On article Season's Greetings from (85 comments in total)

Thank you Simon, from one of this site's avid enthusiast fans, and thanks also for acknowledging Phil. A great memory I am sure. Best wishes.

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"Military version"? That would be in khaki, or camouflage. And scratches on the diaphragm blades? Yecch...

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On article Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III review (614 comments in total)

In DPR's opinion, there is a better alternative to this camera in every possible dimension, yet it still gets a 79% score. Looks like a severe case of grade inflation.

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Surreal... By his own admission, Barney has hardly used his "Gear Of The Year", and all the variants are "OUT OF STOCK" in his employer's store listing below the article (as of when I write this). Disconnect between marketing and merchandising departments?

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Please stop posting articles like this one. I decided that the G9 was outside my price range, and I'm trying to hold myself to it. But it's very tempting.

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I don't have an opinion about drones, but that was a cool video.

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On article Photo story of the week: I Am Legend (170 comments in total)
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Chris Noble: I noticed that many of the most popular comments have been removed. Thin skins at DPReview... Maybe this one will survive for a while.

D logH, please read some of the other comments on the deletions.

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On article Photo story of the week: I Am Legend (170 comments in total)

I noticed that many of the most popular comments have been removed. Thin skins at DPReview... Maybe this one will survive for a while.

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Hellstrom: This capacity got announced a year ago and only just now finally being available.

So a lousy 20% increase every year or two is what we can expect now? And the next upcoming size is 14TB, so even less of a % increase.

Smaller increments, with longer intervals.

Incredible engineering.

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On article Why hyperfocal distance charts are inaccurate (44 comments in total)
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Chris Noble: The author's "simple" advice ignores the f-stop. Reminds me of Einstein's quip: "Everything should be made as simple as possible. But no simpler". The author has made it simpler...

Read the article. He suggests exactly the same focus distance, regardless of aperture.

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