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For me the 105mm f1.4 weight shouldn’t be an issue since I’ve read the Ben and Joe Weider’s Guide to Ultimate Strength.

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The review that I most always count on the most is not text but actual photos ( priority for me over ergonomics ) usually on Flickr. I always make a point of looking for gems to at least see the camera's potential. I'm somewhere between "meh" and "so so ".

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Gee I wonder how long it will take for the 1st " Well I bit the bullet " for this lens.

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Samples from this lens and others! Worth a look! Credit to photographer WWU124

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The D40 looked like a lens cap attached to my 6.54 lbs Nikon 200mm F2 VR.
Loved that little firecracker!

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The older discontinued ( approx. 6 yrs ago ) Sigma 14mm f/2.8 EX Asph HSM lens was a pretty decent performer. ( $4 to 500 on craigslist)

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Always loved the D80 and yes it's CCD sensor, one of the best dslrs ever for natural skin tones. Those who complain about the noise at high ISO just use your current modern great available light camera. No law says you must only one, especially now since you can get a backup D80 for $200.
More than 1/2 of these were taken with my D80.

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So far looking at the Flickr groups samples from this 85 ART vs the Nikon 105mm f1.4E groups samples IMHO I prefer the rendering and pop from the 105. Having said that value-wise the 85 is right up there!

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Ten years since it's release I also still love to use my D80.
Best dslr for skin tones with the CCD sensor!
One can buy them now for $200 or less.

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Judge for yourselves. Photos aren't biased.

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Blown away by these recent samples! Of course the best ones would have been taken with the D4s.

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The most expensive photograph ever sold.

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