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Drew5100: I say it's time for Fuji to replace these faulty sensors with new ones that do not "bloom" with blobs. Expensive, yes (for Fuji), but otherwise, I now own a $600 paperweight, which I consider to be way too expensive for me.
If firmware cannot provide a fix, this may be the only logical next step from the X10 customer perspective(?).

I can deal with flare, but not this mess. My nightime city shots look like s%^t. And....good luck to anyone who is pre-ordering Fuji's XPro 1.

I must agree with rusticus...I'm keeping my X10. It's like a having a really hot girlfriend that has a crazy, annoying laugh. Everything about her is great, she's just perfect for you, and she look really cool hanging around your neck. However, she has that one flaw, and if don't keep her from laughing she's going to irritate the hell out of you. If Fuji comes out with a new model X11??? without the orb issue, and it fuctions like my X10, I'll probably buy it. I'm not saying the faulty sensor isn't a big deal, but what can one do besides complain and wait for a response from Fuji. Myself, I will continue to send my complaints to Fuji, but I'm also going to go on using and enjoying my X10.

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I have admit that I went out with the sole purpose to produce an image that demonstrated the white orbs in daylight. These are highlights of sunshine reflected from the grille.


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The firmware update doesn't appear to fix the white orb problem, or even reduce it from what I can see. I read somewhere that Fuji stated that this is a normal phenomenon with digital cameras in general. However, I took some shots with the X10 and the same shots with my older digital cameras, and the X10 was the only one that produced white orbs. It's a shame, I really like this camera, but now I'm not so sure.
Perhaps photoshop will create a tool similar to red eye tool, "white orb tool". Ha. Just kidding.
Going to write and call Fuji to complain....a lot, over and over again. Not sure this will help much if they get flooded by complaints, can't hurt.

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