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Club standard amateur, using Nikon Z and M4/3.
I also have an OM1 that lives in a bag (and has had the same film in it for about 10 years).

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  • This is exactly what I find with DXO Deep Prime.  A true game changer.  Thanks for posting.
  • Hi.  My processing time for deep prime on a 20mp Olympus file is about 2 minutes.  The resulting ding file is around 4x the size of the original ORF file.  My PC is a 5 year old i7. But, for high ...
  • Replied in Maybe I should
    Compare my iPhone, my Oly 5 and my Nikon FF.   Perhaps I’ll find they also are all different too.
  • Created question thread Viltrox AF 35mm f1.8 on Z Full Frame
    Has anyone experience of this lens?  Performance?  Size?  Weight?  Build quality?  Compatibility with Lightroom, DXO (RAW files)? I would use it on my Z5 and my nearest dealer has it in stock.
  • Replied in 24-200 mm
    Your lovely photo confirms my findings with the 24-200.  Really flexible, excellent quality, and the capability of producing vey pleasing bokeh.
  • To me M4/3 is all about portability.  I have an Oly 5.3 with a Panasonic 14-140 mk 2 welded to it.  Chuck in the tiny Oly flash and a spare battery and it is very compact and flexible.
  • Replied in I’m Amazed
    All that money spent on hardware, then crippling the best of it by “economising” on software.  It sounds like a review of priorities may be worthwhile.
  • I got a TT350n for my Z5 in June.  It would not work, so I returned it.  A few days later Godox issued updated firmware.  I suspect that the 350n flashes in the current pipeline will have the old ...
  • Thanks for posting!  They remind me of a similar trip I took with my family while working in Canada in 1994. some of the lake images in particular are a showcase for what M4/3 can do in capable hands.
  • Created discussion thread Kit for cleaning a Z5 sensor (UK)
    I used to clean my DSLRs regularly, using PEC pads and Eclipse fluid.  Thanks to camera sensor cleaning systems I have only had to do this once in about the last 10 years, on a Fuji, when I used ...
  • I’m still on the learning curve, having been in Oly and Fuji land since my D750 five years ago.  So far my takeouts have been differential focus and much more pleasant bokeh (even with the slow ...
  • Replied in Yes but
    It is an option in the menu, and you can save RAW & JPEG files to different cards.  To check critical focus I find it best to use the EVF, probably due to the lower resolution of the rear screen. O ...
  • The Z5 kit is significantly larger and a bit heavier, but still fits in a similar sized shoulder bag.  It is comfortable to use, but there is a learning curve with menus and controls.  I shoot ...
  • In the end I bought the SB 500 “as new” from MOB for £125 gbp.  I couldn’t trust any of the third party options.
  • Replied in Carefull!
    Just bought a Godox TT350N for my Z5.  It isn’t compatible.  I understand that it also isn’t compatible with the Z6ii and Z7ii.  Fortunately I bought through Amazon and can return it. Pity, it is a ...
  • Thanks for the replies.  I think I’ll have to buy the original (when I can get one).  Panasonic tried this trick a few years ago, but gave it up.  I guess the argument from Nikon’s viewpoint is to ...
  • Created discussion thread Clone battery that works for Z5
    Apologies if this has been asked/answered before.  I've just bought a Z5 and 24-200 and want to have a spare battery.  I see references to clones not working, and a friend has fallen foul of this ...
  • Sorry, I disagree.  It may not blow up to give a large print, but it is a beautiful shot, with lovely colours and, for the circumstances, incredible DR.  Many thanks for posting it.
  • Created discussion thread Panasonic 14-140 vs Olympus 14-150
    Hi I have an Oly 5.3 and a Pana G9, with a number of lenses, mostly Zoom and mostly Panasonic.  A Pana 12-60 lives on my Oly 5.3, the PL version on my G9. I also have an Oly 14-150Mk2.  I recognise ...
  • Replied in Tilt screen
    I have an Oly 5.3 and a Pana G9.  Nice cameras, but I really agree with your comments about a tilt screen.  Has some limitations, but more compact and less intrusive - doesn’t feel like it will ...
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