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D7000ShooterUK: Fujifilm has done more for APS-C than Nikon, Canon, Sony and Sigma combined!

Agreed, the Fuji X cameras are the first cropped camera that feels right to me, and i've invested in a number of their primes and zooms, but concentrating on the wide end where this system really shines for me. I've not tried longer shooting with them, and revert to canon for such.

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Kelvin L: I'm puzzled by this E6 slide revival. I think negative films can still solve problems that digital can't (such as remarkable highlight tonal compression), but E6's benefits are a mystery.

We were forced to only shoot with E6 during my first year in photography school during the early Noughties because it was so unforgiving with exposure latitude and colour balance. It was a great tool for revealing technical sloppiness. Publishers also demanded images as slides back then, but this requirement has pretty much disappeared. Compared to slides, digital does everything better from a technical standpoint for colour imaging.

I'd go even further and suggest that for all colour work you should go digital, and that the only use for film is B&W for darkroom wet prints. There's something lovely about making a decent darkroom print that no amount of technology can replace. Saying that, i've not printed for a while.

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On article Fujifilm XF 8-16mm F2.8 R LM WR sample gallery (223 comments in total)
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Nikita66: Love the idea of this lens, but I just can't justify $2K. In fact, every time I consider switching to Fuji, the cost of their lenses stops me. For example, the 18-135 is a good $300-$400 more than the Nikon 18-140.

All of their lenses are good though, better than yon can really evaluate with samples.

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justinwonnacott: but . . . the x pan fits in my pocket!

Blimey, you must have big pockets. I think the only camera i've ever owned that fits in my pocket was an Olympus XA.

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