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On article Setting new standards: Nikon D5 Review (512 comments in total)

It still goes clickety clack, clckety clack making it utterly inappropriate for weddings, music, theater or any other event where the noise it would disturb patrons. The continuous shooting is especially disruptive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-mX9Ow1DPY.

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (501 comments in total)

I would love to see how these big guns stack up against something like the Panasonic ZS 60. When you take into account price and size, are these monsters really worth it?

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It's mysterious to me they don't make these with Shutter priority mode. It's an action camera, after all. Tried a Panasonic model for white water kayaking and it just could not keep up. Went back to my bulky dive camera with housing to get the required shutter speeds.

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On photo Purse Snatcher Arrested in the The "Photo Journalist" in you. challenge (9 comments in total)

If he was black, he'd be dead.

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On article UPDATED: Canon PowerShot G3 X real-world samples posted (166 comments in total)
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G-D: Can't say I'm blown away by JPEG IQ. I've seen better JPEGs from Canon. Colors are OK, but images look grainy at base ISO, blotchy, lack of detail... Hopefully RAW + PP will be better, but for that kind of money JPEG quality should have been outstanding...

Can't help but think that Canon put an underpowered processor into the G3 X for managing all those pixels...

So now we have an RX10 with a lens that's great but too short (IMO), an FZ1000 which is great (with 4K!) but too big (IMO), and the G3 X with so-so JPEGs (IMO), lacks a builtin EVF and is way too expensive (IMO).

Oh well, maybe next year...

Next year will have the EVF and the year after 4K. This is just part of the great compact camera scam of leaving features off and grabbing your money year after year. Imagine what the upgraders for the Sony RX series paid by the time they got to version 4. Thousands of dollars for a one inch compact camera.

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Clearly, the A6000 is a very good camera, but I wish the photographer had done his homework and picked a decent surf spot. Pismo is a second rate wave that almost always closes out, hence the drop in and fall off shots. A good surfing break gives a long, continuous ride. Pismo ain't it.

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kecajkerugo: hmmm...but Steve Huff on his blog constantly insists that the X-T1 is so poor camera that is cannot be even compared with the Oly E-M1.....
The latter is allegedly a pro camera and the Fuji is not even close.
I think (many think) that both are great and are comparable, different in some areas but both capable of making great photos.

Steve Huff said no such thing. He personally prefers some aspects of the Oly, but seriously praised the X-T1. Quote: " I have to hand it to Fuji, they kicked ass with this release and to me, it is the best APS-C camera solution on the market today."

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$1200 for a 2x zoom? Take a couple of steps and save yourself a ton of money.

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On article Canon PowerShot G7 X real-world samples gallery posted (236 comments in total)

Of course the LCD on the Canon GX7 does not tilt for anything other than selfies, that will be in version 2. Of course there is no EVF, that will be in version 3. After which you will have spent $2,100 on a compact camera. Note the progression of the RX series. You will have spent $2,400 to get the camera you want. The Canon G1X series is now at $1600 and counting. The next version with an EVF will put buyers at $2400. Of course the LCD on the Panasonic LX100 doesn't tilt because, well, you get the idea. I know they have to make money to stay in business, but my goodness we are seriously manipulated into spending a lot of money that I feel does not justify what you ultimately get. Smart marketing,? yes. Good for consumers,? no. By the time you get the LX100 you want, you will have spent $2700 for the tilt screen and a slightly longer lens. My only concession is the G1X bought used to shoot silently on quiet venues. Not one more step up from me.

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On article Ricoh expands Q series with Pentax Q-S1 (357 comments in total)

As a long time Pentax user including DSLRs and the Q10, I ask what is the point? This is just a a stupid retread. How about a flip or articulating screen, bigger chip, EVF or optional EVF? What were they thinking?

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The update says the killer was a member of the Taliban dressed as a police officer.

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One inch is the new 30.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review (503 comments in total)
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pcworth: @mosc I think you need to check your numbers because this camera has an f/2.8 lens across the range. You cannot compare a camera with a kit lens to a camera with an f/2.8 lens.

Not only are they comparable, you will get far better image quality across the board regardless of an f2.8 lens.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review (503 comments in total)

If this vastly overpriced, niche camera with its list of cons gets a gold award then DPR needs to go back and upgrade a whole lot of cameras to make any sense of their grading system. If you really think about what you can buy for $1,300, then the RX10 seems just plain silly. Sony execs must be chuckling, and unfortunately planning future overpriced gear, at the gullible camera reviewers and buyers who are gushing over this flawed seriously overpriced camera. For a more reasoned reviewed of the RX10 check the Camera Labs review at http://www.cameralabs.com/reviews/Sony_Cyber-shot_RX10/. It did not receive a Highly Recommended.

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On article John Stanmeyer wins World Press Photo of the Year (82 comments in total)
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b craw: Although it exists as opinion (and opinions should be respected), the recurrent commentary that this winning image is unsuccessful somehow because it does not present a comprehensive narrative is simply not taking into consideration its context. It was used to augment a narrative, and as such serves as a visual poetic dimension to the narrative. So, to stand alone is not its role. And this is the operation of many such images. This notion that an image must "stand alone" belies the diversity of functions a photograph might embody, and is an example of misguided dogma relating to photography. Even a fine art photograph needn't present a complete narrative; often individual images in a series, or as part of a longer artistic dialog on the part of the artist, can work as only a fragment of a larger expression or narrative.

Actually, photo journalism is supposed to be a complete narrative in a picture. That is, by definition, it's purpose. This shot isn't it. Not even close.

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On article John Stanmeyer wins World Press Photo of the Year (82 comments in total)

I'm with the minority here. Photo journalism means the picture tells an engaging story by itself, evoking an emotion. This picture does nothing of the kind as it is impossible to know what it is without the text. Take the time to look at the other winners. They tell stand alone stories. Although a technical achievement, without an explanation, you're left to guess what the heck it is.

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