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  • "I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."

    George Best

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    Thanks. I see there were "technical issues".
  • Created discussion thread Get.dpicom?
    I like to look at getdpi.com/forum from time to time. When I go there I get a completely blank page; there is no 404 message, there's nothing. This site: https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ says it'd ...
  • Probably sales volume. The Q2 is pretty specialised, but the Q2M even more so. A more limited market than even the limited market for the Q2. A return on investment problem.
  • Buy what?
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    Why not shoot RAW and jpg? You will get a B/W image in the viewfinder if you chose that as the jpg "type", you can view the jpgs later to see which you prefer, and then edit properly/to your taste ...
  • All RAW images will need editing; unedited they aren't suitable for viewing. Whether you prefer vivid colours, naturalistic colours, muted colours, or even black and white is a personal choice. ...
  • Many people have asked for this. I suspect that Leica sees the lens, the sensor, and the processor as one "integrated" whole. The lens, when stripped of software corrections, shows marked barrel ...
  • Agree. There is no problem with the camera. Our brain "knows" that the water should be blue, and we "see" it as blue. The camera sees is as "green". This is a perceptual problem; a common example ...
  • I don't have an iPhone 11 Pro; mine is an older model. Many modern phone cameras have HDR (High Dynamic Range) turned on by default. It's not at all obvious that the images are composites of ...
  • The Q2 is an excellent camera, if a bit large. The closest digital replacement for a Minox 35EL — I did have one years ago — is probably a Ricoh GRiii.
  • I agree with the other respondents here; what you are seeing is perspective, not lens distortion. The Ricoh has a very well optically corrected lens; it doesn't need or have SDC — software ...
  • The first image: the rainbow looks and is fake. It's not anyway natural. The clouds don't look natural either; that is, they don't look like clouds that belong with this lighting. Apart from some ...
  • That last image is priceless! You can almost see them drooling. Two petrolheads in the making!
  • I see, thanks. I don't use Snap Focus, so I didn't realise.
  • Another question: I'm supposed to set "wide" in the depths of the menu system when using the GW-3 adaptor. Apart from changing the focal length in the EXIF, does this setting change anything else? ...
  • Ah, Brick Lane! That takes me back several decades. Then I was taken along Brick Lane around 1 or 2 in the morning, with the obligatory stop at the bagel shop. I gather it's still going strong.
  • I tried the GW-3 on the Leica Q2. At f/1.7 the whole image is very soft and unusable. At f/5.6 and f/11 the image is sharp enough overall. The corners are a bit soft, and there is some comma ...
  • The position is more compicated; the GR3 has a different lens to the GR and GR2, so perhaps the GW-4 is better matched to this, and the GW-3 better matched to the GR and GR2. Ricoh do make things ...
  • Found your post, thanks. The difference on the GR3 is in the corners which are soft with the GW-3. I have the original GR which I don't use much — and DD has it at present anyway (though she has ...
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