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santamonica812: UPDATE***. Now that the challenge has started: There are some great shots this week, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the voters respond.

Please note that in my last challenge, 7 of the 18 were DQ'd after the challenge ended, for not voting. Let's take your responsibility seriously. With less than 20 entries this week, it will take less than 5 or 10 minutes to vote.

If you want to drop me a PM, or post here, after you've voted, that will make my life easier. But doing so is not a requirement, since I can keep track of that myself.

BUT, if you entered this challenge and you voted the first few hours, please do let me know, since I otherwise may have logged your current voting total after your votes, and would therefore mistakenly count you as not voting.

Good luck to all!

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Posted on Feb 13, 2013 at 13:10 UTC
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mosc: Sometimes I feel like Olympus aught to put out a 17.5mm f0.9 lens for $2000 that weighs a f-in pound just to end the debate. Would anyone actually want the thing? Here's your truly fast glass... that's so big and heavy your entire purpose for buying our camera bodies is kind of out the window.BTW, it also costs as much as a FF body does to begin with. Does anyone actually think it would sell? What purpose would it serve? Yes you have equivalent light gathering to a 35mm f1.8 on a D600 or something but... you paid just about equivalent and it weighs just about equivalent too. What, exactly, is the point of that?

You need to read this:

Link | Posted on Feb 9, 2013 at 14:54 UTC
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justmeMN: A vital performance question is AF speed. If that's unacceptable, nothing else matters.

The latest M43 cameras meet or even exceed DSLRs in focusing speed. I have a Canon 1D Mk 4 and a Panasonic GX1. They both focus (and take a shot) almost instantaneously. The DSLR only wins when it comes to focus tracking.

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