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On article Opinion: Enthusiast compacts have finally come of age (492 comments in total)

I clicked I own it on the Olympus 1s and I swear the number went down from 17 to 16! Anyone else experience this or was it my imagination?

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Frank in Bridgewater: Moore's Law applied to sensors I guess. At least for a couple of years more it seems, with stacked and BSI technology now becoming common.

I suppose it does. It does not apply to cameras in general as removing the complex electro mechanical mirror device in a DSLR camera significantly increases the cost of the cameras.

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PKDanny: Why not FULL FRAME Smartphone!!!!!!!

It is difficult nowadays to see the point of a full frame camera with modern sensor development. It is a bit of a retro film size fad which may have as limited a life as the compact camera. The idea that the top end of the camera world is a safe place to be may be misplaced and Sony putting all their chips on the format may not be a sure thing.

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AlanG: I think this would be great to use for a tiny camera that can be built onto an equally tiny gimbal for use in a quadcopter that weighs less than .5lbs.

That size copter is unregulated and could be flown over people with little risk.

Presumably you are not talking about the risk to the people underneath these things.

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Tonkotsu Ramen: "No drop in image quality from the IMX230 predecessor model "

So they kept the extremely poor low light performance intact? great..

Exmor is a magic word that makes all the noise go away and tiny pixels just pump out power. If it was called something else then there would be a problem

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Franka T.L.: one have to question why Oly keep refusing to give us a better quality fixed lens compact. Its not like they do not have a sensor to put into the cam. Panasonic and Sony do the Super Zoom with a 1" sensor. I am sure while its probably impossible to go that extreme with 4/3, its quite possible to build a proper fixed lens compact with quality. How about a 4/3 version of the Ricoh GR, Likely we can have a 14mm f/1.7 lens, or similar with a 17.5mm/2.0 to rival the Fujifilm X100T. An f/2.4 zoom of 12-60mm with a weather proof body can beat the LX100 outright.

For real, we will be seeing ever more capable smartphone with ever more capable photo modules like OIS, optical zoom build in , so these small sensor compact really do not made much sense. Especially when Android and iOS now support RAW and these Mfr's compact still stick with well JPEG ( and no option to use 3rd party app with ease )

These smartphones that can compete with cameras are always just around the corner but never really seem to arrive. You can get good results in good light but they are only going to be as good as a scaled down folded fixed lens crammed in to a tiny body is going to achieve. There is some sort of myth that because there is a phone attached some magical properties are going to make it better than a mere camera.
Built in zoom phones have not been a great success and Panasonic are dropping the phone bit on theirs, so presumably it will lose the magical properties that will make its camera superior merely by dint of it being in a smartphone, which is pretty busy trying to be a multi purpose computer and doing everything controlled purely by a touchscreen . All very confusing.

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halc: What is the lower-bound for definition of video?

To me 15fps in 2016 doesn't cut it.

24p yes, 15p no.

To me, this camera doesn't shoot UHD video, it shoots 15fps sequences with audio.

Probably a lot of photographers will still find this handy to capture stills which I would think is what it is for. For video 1080p still does for most.

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sh10453: Olympus should fire the product planner who ordered engineering to come up with this camera.
What a waste of engineering time and talent!!!

Kodak planners and bean-counters crippled their engineers and forced them to stick to this size of sensor and cheap plastic until it wiped them out of the face of the earth.
Can't some people learn from history?

How cheap is the plastic then ? I presume the small sensor jibe is just the usual I have a bigger equivalent aperture so I am a better photographer gear sneering troll post that always plague these compact announcements.

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On article Pocketable APS-C: Fujifilm X70 real-world samples (253 comments in total)
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drivecancel: You can also pocket the X100 which has a VF so would still be my choice over these cameras.

Not enough money in my pocket though for the X100. This is the whole point of the camera to give an affordable option.

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On article Pocketable APS-C: Fujifilm X70 real-world samples (253 comments in total)
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kewlguy: I'm sure the X70 is a good camera but these samples are just ugly. Many not well exposed, not carefully taken photos. Pity, maybe because it's not a sony, no oh Wow kinda thing ;)

They are not exhibits for a photography exhibition. Just using a camera out of the box and getting an indication of how it fares under normal circumstances. Any camera can excel if handled carefully but that does not really tell us much that is useful for the average user.

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fjfjjj: Lenses with manual focus and aperture controls can be used forever. Many lenses that can't be controlled without electronics will become economically non-serviceable in the consumer's lifetime. Pretty simple.

Very true. As soon as you put firmware in the lens and need firmware in the body to service the lens its lifetime is finite and indeterminate and probably no more than the lifetime of Sony, which in itself is not a sure thing as far as the rating agencies see it.

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Sannaborjeson: Such poor quality jpegs at 100%... makes it totally impossible to make any opinion on the lens.

Also, why don't you hire a pro photographer for such samples? Only bearded guy is ok while the rest of the photos are thoughtless and of no value.

Probably a lot of the professionalism is in the post processing which DPR cannot do in these circumstances. I wonder if you have to go in to the graphs and numbers to see the advantages these expensive lenses make. I am amazed how little difference there is between the images posted from disparate kit on the forum, even compacts. It is more of a numbers and status game than photography.
If there is a difference it is probably marginal.
Edit: To put it in another way I have never seen any strikingly direct correlation between the cost of the kit and quality of the images.

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On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (397 comments in total)
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Banhmi: 10 years from now this whole 'retro' camera fad will be long gone and we will look back at DPR articles like this one, waxing poetically about silver knobs, and think reviewers must have had some similar bits logged in their prefrontal cortex.

And in 20 years time the fashion will yet again be back to what it is now and laughing at and pouring scorn on what was the vogue 10 years ago in exactly the same way as now.

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I suppose the A7 concept is an upscaled version of the largest possible lager can stuck on the tiniest most elegant credit card NEX design philosophy.

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surlezi: The only advantage of OVF over EVF is to be soon dead:

"The impressive new mirrorless model also has the ability to support full live-view continuous shooting on the Tru-finder or LCD screen at up to 8 frames per second, ultimately producing a real-time shooting experience that combines all the benefits of an electronic viewfinder with the immediacy of a through-the-lens optical viewfinder."

But I'm confident some blind DSLR fans will still find reasons not to acknowledge superiority of mirrorless cameras, be it still potential (AF?), or already current.

Do not forget that a lot of DSLR fans do not have such deep pockets and Sony do not now provide a current affordable option with a viewfinder. Do not forget with cameras unlike any other product replacing complex electromechanical items with electronic systems adds significantly to the cost.
The entry level DSLR is still great value for money if you want some sort of viewfinder.

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On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (397 comments in total)

I wonder how many people who complain about the appearance of this camera go out and buy a really unfashionable car design. Looks sell just about everything.
Looks are very much a thing of the moment and retro is in at present.
I am sure you will find posts by many of the people, whilst criticising the trendy camera's looks, boasting about the flashy noisy sports car they cruise around in.
I suppose for some with cameras now it is fashionable to just be unfashionable and utilitarian. It will not last of course.

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On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (397 comments in total)
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Giacomo Sardi: another "small sensor-object of desire" camera........ dear Olympus listen to me: is a very, very ,very nice piece of metal, but the advantages of big sensors against m4/3 are obvious... this body (and my pocket) , for that price needs a bigger sensor...

Yes but the big sensor camera really needs an even bigger sensor and then that camera really should have a bigger sensor and then that needs a bigger one still etc. etc. etc............
m43 cameras are m43 cameras and are really none the worst for it and pretty cute. Plenty of alternatives available if you want bigger.

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sierranvin: I question the writer's headline and editors' judgment in giving it a pass. In business, profit is a superior outcome to the mere churn of sales volume, and a 20% profit increase year over year is surely a success. The headline's main message is one of failure. A sloppy reporting job to present such a fundamental disconnect between headline and facts of the story. BTW - Sony's overall corp. profit for the quarter is up 33% year over year. They're not going away any time soon!

Where does it say profit went up by 20%? I can only see an operating income increase of this amount.

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Don Diafragma: The problem is the declining market where many consumers have found out they are actually NOT photographers. Digital camera's and DSLRs' where a hype driven by advancements in technology.

They hate carrying around the large and heavy gear, where a smartphone has a camera that they carry around with them each and every moment wherever they go.

Next to that for them image quality is not so important then capturing 'the moment'. With their smartphone they carry around a camera that's lightweight and always with them.

The new final CIPA figures for 2015 will be released soon.
As of what I have seen of the drafts its going to be another dramatic drop.
Sales figures of DSLRs are down to the same numbers of SLR sales back in the '90s of last century.

The boom is over and the market has basically divided into 2 segments:

- smartphones
- higher end interchangeable lens cameras.

I think the higher end fixed lens cameras may also erode ILC's. With some of these larger sensor cameras giving all in one solutions I do not see any reason why the enthusiast compact may not nibble away at the ILC market in the same way as compacts are nibbling away at them. Even with mirrorless you can need a backpack to lug it all around so I still think there will be 3 segments. You cannot tell usage from this site as the gear sneering from a small segment of high end users tends to drive the compact users away.
The A7 market will saturate at some stage and Sony will then have big problems.

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Greynerd: It is interesting that people seem to be thinking Samsung's departure from cameras is a result of internal factors specific to Samsung. It seems more of a case of a deep malaise in the camera market and Samsung are financially astute enough to know when the party is over and with enough irons in enough fires to make it a matter of little consequence to them.
Edit: I think there will always be kit around but the choice will be less and we will all need to tighten our belts. The DSLR collapse in to a fringe market could to be very nasty. Of course if mass compact sales have been funding the whole business things look very bleak.

Colonel Hindsight always wins his wars.

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