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Photocounter: Samsung was absolutely clueless when it came to winning hearts and minds among photo specialists and their staff. They thought a bag of five-star reviews would push people into camera stores demanding their (superb) NX1 and NX500 cameras. That's the mass market CE way, where sales staff are order takers. But they hardly even had an ad budget after the PR blitz. Photography is a specialist niche and Samsung was alien to this environment, unable to realise they needed those people across the counter to be as enthusiastic as the camera reviewers. I interviewed the head of Samsung Australia's camera group at the time of the launch of the NX1 and it was clear to me at that time they were likely heading for a fall. It will make a great Harvard Review study one day: Superior technology made obsolete by inferior marketing. The weaselly way they then slinked away from photography was frankly pathetic.

Not just marketing but failing to set up any form of non spin based adult communication with their user base. If anything far too much boastful marketing and not enough information. They used the leak culture to disseminate the always sparse information on their future plans and it was gratifying in a way how it came back to bite them in the end.

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JordanAT: I'm curious why the lens is so (physically) large. It looks like it could have been easily placed in a housing with a 42mm filter ring and made 20-30mm shorter. Is there thermal management going on in the barrel? Massive gearing? It's like someone from marketing looked at it and said, "you know, for four grand it should look bigger." Maybe just 67mm is the standard filter size for most Hassy lenses (seriously - I've held one twice in my life, the last time was 20+ years ago...I really don't know if there is a standard they were matching).

Otherwise, it looks like a well=thought out camera. It's certainly too early to say, but it *feels* like someone fired all the MBAs, pulled together some real photographers and engineers and decided to build a high end still camera that mattered.

Possibly it could it be that a bit of old fashioned oversized lens design rather than masses of software correction to cram the optics in to a smaller space are going to be used to create the uniform images. Just a thought. One would hope so

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datiswous: Incredible low detailed blurry image with visible CA on multiple spots..

A physicist's interpretation of the image I believe. X Ray diffraction analysis to follow.

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Autriche78: I'm not buying any version of any Samsung VR Gear until there is a level of technological maturity. I cannot afford to, nor do I want to, upgrade my phones on a yearly basis just to get the latest and greatest Samsung Gear - and likely camera - VR iteration (which, surprise surprise, tends only to work with the top end phone released the same year).

Mature implies there is an end to all this nonsense. 4K will just be 8K's baby and that 16K's baby ad infinitum.

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On article All about that lens: Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III review (451 comments in total)
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Joe Ogiba: The RX10 Mk III is a real eye-opener. Sony has pulled out all the stops to give us a camera that honestly gives us a one-piece alternative to a DSLR and several zoom lenses in a much smaller package.

This camera is as fast and just as good optically as my bigger cameras, and I don't have to change lenses. No, its sensor isn't as big as a DSLR's, but sensors are so good today that it doesn't matter anymore. By using a somewhat smaller sensor Sony has been able to design a lens around it that does things that no larger lens can do. Sony has decades and decades of experience making video cameras with long-range zooms, and many decades of sensor experience (I was an application engineer for Sony's CCDs 25 years ago!), and they've put all this together into one fantastic camera.

If you need a camera with a great ultrawide to ultra-tele lens, this is the best there is. I can't get a lens with this broad a zoom range for any DSLR.

Looking at the RX10 III on the comparison site comparing it with aps-c or m43 cameras I find it difficult to believe your assertion that sensor size doesn't matter any more. 1" sensors on the whole perform as you would expect from the size and I cannot see why everything should be better because because of the 1" moniker as it gets very ragged at ISO 12,800 compared to the larger sensors, even to the the G1X MII.

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villagranvicent: Things happen so fast these days. So far me and other 6 fellows already had this camera and sold it. LOL

8 now so 2 more have churned the camera over the last hour. The pressure must be now on to know when the replacement is due out.

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Alex Sarbu: He's dead, Jim.

These strip downs are even more useful for discontinued kit if people want to keep the camera going without a replacement model around or support and they have a lens collection.
Homage to a very fine camera in any case.

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (475 comments in total)
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yahoo2u: I'll buy it if it will light up my cigars for me.

Would running 4K on an A6300 for a few minutes and holding the cigar to the battery compartment door do the job possibly?

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (475 comments in total)
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Photo Pete: Completely justified complaint. Wi-Fi is a term which should only be used if the system adheres to standard interoperability protocols defined by the Wi-Fi Alliance (certainly if the Wi-Fi certified logo is used). Nikon has provided a bespoke WLAN and not Wi-Fi as far as I can tell.

I really don't understand why some camera manufacturers are so reluctant to offer good connectivity options... and they certainly need taking to task when they are marketing features incorrectly.

The new DL series does ? I thought these wonder cameras did not actually exist at present and are due to come out any time between some indeterminate time in the future and never. Looks like Nikon are hot on fantasy at the moment.

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Dr_Jon: In the comparison table you describe the AF system as CDAF, I assume it's CDAF+DFD, which I think deserves a mention as it has quite an effect compared to a pure CDAF system (okay, in my experience the effect can occasionally be a bad one, but it's generally good).

@Vit Adamek
So you can say in the same way AF only works for many mounts with same brand lenses so that is not a feature for a whole bunch of cameras?

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On article iFixit takes a look inside the Olympus PEN E-PL7 (18 comments in total)

I was interested in seeing how the strap lugs were secured which is a current point of concern for some models. I looks like screws from the inside into the external lug though it is difficult to see.

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On article Mosh pits and sunsets: Shooting with the Panasonic GX85 (146 comments in total)
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princecody: The Pen-F has a design flaw with the goofy Art filter button on front. Even Asian reviewers like Robin Wong who is an Olympus employee has complained about it. How in the world am I supposed to get my manly hands on the Pen-F & have a fun shooting experience. That's where the GX85 comes in 😀

At least you understand there is a difference which puts you miles ahead of a lot of people.

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On article Mosh pits and sunsets: Shooting with the Panasonic GX85 (146 comments in total)
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Jostian: Just don't like the plasticky feel of the GX85, so I went with the GX7 (love that 'made in Japan' bit), sure no 4k but I don't shoot video so it's no biggy, and the built quality and magnesium alloy body just exude class.

The GX8 was an option but its quite a bit bigger and has no built in flash which can be useful at times, Panasonic have a nice range of cameras and lenses at present. Got the 12 to 35mm F2.8 lens, what a cracker!

It is intriguing that many GX7/8 owners seem to be struggling to grasp the logic that as the GX85 is a cheaper version of the GXn line it results in it inevitably being a cheaper version of the GXn.

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justmeMN: "as is typical of Canon cameras (even compacts), the colors are great." -DPR

This is an important factor that is often overlooked, because it doesn't show up on a spec sheet.

My colour vision passes all the tests so I am probably all right there. Many makes of camera including Canon do seem to be unable to resist smoothing anything that looks like a pink face whatever mode you are in so Sony are good in that respect in that it leaves them alone but I do find the colours a bit skewed as they come out at neutral settings. As people say you can tweak that so swings and roundabouts as always.

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justmeMN: "as is typical of Canon cameras (even compacts), the colors are great." -DPR

This is an important factor that is often overlooked, because it doesn't show up on a spec sheet.

When you look at the Camerlabs reviews with comparison photos of Sony versus anyone else the green hue to the Sony portraits is pretty marked. The Sony portraits can easily be identified as the people who look like they have just got off a boat caught in a force 10 gale.

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (488 comments in total)

This is a bit like saying that Lexus have brought such a good £40,000 car that it will destroy the affordable family hatchback sector.
This is a tabloid headline and would have been best understated even if it was true. It outclasses the opposition probably but not at a price that will destroy cameras like the Canon and it is enormous and with the lens extended looks absolutely hideous. We need to find out how robustly that massive lens extension and people's arm muscles cope with gravity and knocks over the course of time also.
I wonder if the attempt to emulate bridge cameras in 1" is getting a bit daft and costs are running out of control.
That is the thing - this is a very proficient camera but at the same time seems a very silly camera. Difficult to know what to make of it.

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (488 comments in total)

Looking at the camera it probably destroyed the opposition because it sat on them.
I supposes the term really means blows away the opposition which would be the usual competitive gear sneering comment.
I doubt if many people can afford a high end Sony fixed lens camera now so it is probably a minority interest so not really relevant to most of us so why get excited about it.

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On article X-ray: iFixit looks inside the Fujifilm X-M1 (33 comments in total)
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T3: It's incredible how few parts a mirrorless camera has compared to a DSLR.

It helps keep the cost up.

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ThatCamFan: A driverless car? I will NEVER buy one.

It will not need you so no problem. I am sure it can cope by itself.

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Greynerd: Normally people seem to like the idea of a teleconverter being available. When Fuji brings one it suddenly becomes a bad idea and no good even before anyone has used it.

All very confusing. I will wait for a review rather than take much heed of the theorising.

But what are we talking about here? If with the Teleconverter you are paying 1/4 the money for 1/2 the benefit it is OK by me.
I wish DPR would make people tick a money no object box in their profile so we can tell if affordability is part of the reasoning or if it is just pure performance. When people talk about a native 1200mm lens this is way beyond most people.
A lot of discussion here is more of a physics seminar rather than practical useful advice for many.

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