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Hi Take 5,
Thankk you for your comment. I used a plug-in filter called Fractalius, which was very popular a few years ago.

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On photo Red Bull in the Aviation Museums challenge (3 comments in total)

I photographed this plane in the Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg. Please check this link:

Red Bull heavily modified the plane. It is flying regularly. Read the interesting history of the plane.

A visit to this museum is really worthwhile!


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On Challenge:7594 (7 comments in total)

Absolutely true. I don't even start voting, it is too overwhelming.
Unfair is the right word.

Posted on Nov 14, 2012 at 07:37 UTC as 3rd comment
On photo Eye spy.. in the What Is This? challenge (24 comments in total)

Poppy seed.

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On Challenge:7325 (15 comments in total)

who has got the time and patience to work through that number of submissions?

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On Challenge:6575 (5 comments in total)

Interesting, what people mean is b/w.

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On Challenge:6370 (3 comments in total)

Exactly my opinion, 3 entries pp is an overkill.
For me, each challenge limited to 100 entries would be just right.
More simply takes too long to vote.

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On photo Am Graben in the The Main Road in December challenge (1 comment in total)

Hi, nice to see another Austrian on this site.
Are you living in Vienna.?

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On photo Retired Beauty in the Antique furniture (READ THE RULES) challenge (1 comment in total)

I thought FURNITURE was the theme of this challenge?????

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On photo Autumn colors in the -Cycling in Autumn- challenge (5 comments in total)

where is the cyclist hidden???

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On Challenge:5251 (10 comments in total)
In reply to:

Danack: Actually, Kookaburras are found in Papua New Guinea as well as Australia.

How 'unique' do the birds have to be?

This challenge is pretty ridiculous. Not because my storks were DQ'd, but with the exception of Australien and some New Zealand birds, most birds are all over. Especially in Europe.
I saw swans in this challenge, typical for Switzerland or some other country. ???? Herons as typical for the US.
We have them by the dozens sitting along the freeway in Austria.
Some hosts should think twice before posting a challenge.

Posted on Nov 19, 2011 at 13:34 UTC
On photo Sea in the Scenery: UNESCO World Heritage challenge (1 comment in total)

Could be anywhere.

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On Challenge:5463 (4 comments in total)

In my opinion, there are many HDR pictures.
The rule says no HDR. Are the DQ, or overlooked?.
Interesting question. HDR from one single exposure is still HDR, or not?

Posted on Oct 19, 2011 at 06:57 UTC as 1st comment
On photo Notre Dame - Montreal, Canada in the Inside the church (2011 only) challenge (3 comments in total)

Do me this looks very much like HDR.

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On photo Stobe brick road in the Floor challenge (1 comment in total)


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On Challenge:4972 (5 comments in total)

looks like this one is a bit too specific.
Doesn't make sense.

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