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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Review (514 comments in total)

Darn, I got myself the sony grip and found now it wont fit in the original casing. Am now looking for the smallest pouch possible that can fit these camera + my Samsung note 2 to attached to my waist belt.

Been searching the web, found some nice pouch but often its small enough for a compact or the pouch/bag is too large to my liking. hope forummers can direct the link for the smallest possible pouch that fits both at one time.


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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Review (514 comments in total)

I just bought one in replace of my d7000. got the d7000 as never in life had one and it was a craze to learn photography at that time but than found my shots are mainly at home or with children strolling down the park. got the x10 when the orb issue surface. sold it as its not compact enough. to lug a d7000 around a park or just cycling seems crazy.

First shot of the camera after came out of shop was night scene parade. We were taking mostly children and its sooooo difficult to get all 9 childrens to pose in one place for more than 2sec. it might not be the many contributors whom had beautiful night shots in this forum but for me am satisfied with the outcome.

as each person has different opinion when I ask around for compact, recommendation from Canon GX-1, Fuji x20/x100s, canon s120/OMD !!!

Have narrow my term of compact to either rx100II or Canon S120 and given majority of photos under dim light and after searching the web for comparison, have settled down for the rx100II.

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Got mine, and indeed with new version firmware orb is showing. Just submitted to fuji the details and they will inform me when the new sensor arrives.

As to the rest, love every bit of it. My d7000 have to take a break in dry box at least for a couple of weeks.

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Jmmg, I concurred with you. I need to get one compact and based on my lists of needs/spec, each time it falls back to X10. I try very hard to look at the likes of others but it still boils back to X10. Have had 2 Fuji compact in the last 9 years and when they start manufacturing it in China, have stop buying till this X10 made in Japan have made me think again.

As i need to get one before end May, I decided to take the plunge and get one this weekend. If the orb is visible even after installing new firmware, will submit it to local Fuji and wait for new sensor. I guess, my time will spend to take ORB(time to bring out the Christmas Ball !!!).

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fuji ppl, the fact all x10 are effected, who can't you recalled all un-sell camera from dealer now as many un-suspecting buyer will continue to buy and face this problem. when new sensor arrived, priority to change current user first, than to change those recalled from shops and than re-distribute it back again w new sensor. by not recalling, you are creating a vacumm in between new buyer, is this new sensor or old.

I dun think you would launch a new batch unless specified country have only like 10 on the shelf in one country ! if there are thousand unsold in one country, we will not likely see any new batch, else what are they going to do with the old batch, given just change sensor and voila, all in order.

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Am certain globally many users watch this site, if no permanent fix, spread the world, ban fuji camera.....

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