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  • Don't raise expectations too high! I am told that you're unlikely to see any difference in magnitude compared to a "standard" moon. Far more important is to capture it when it's just above the ...
  • Not to my knowledge. It shows how creative they were with their SR!
  • Hi Lyle, I cannot help! But a Newtonian telescope does "rotate" the image, right? (180 degrees), could that be related to it? (Somehow -I have no clue)
  • Picture Window ( ... it's 16 bit from the start. The interface is ... how would I say? but it's a good image editor for sure. Instead of layers it uses masks, an alternative approach...

  • I'm very pleased with mine too, after all these years. I have a K-x and a K-01, and I use the K-01 almost exclusively. It's quieter, AF is more accurate and the image quality is very good. (The K-x ...
  • It should be good, optically, but watch out when you see it secondhand and you cannot test it ... this lens is known to suffer from element separation.
  • Indeed. In fact my latest flash (from Metz) was a Nikon-version, since I don't need P-TTL and if I ever want to sell it ...
  • Like a computer screen, a TV screen etc. -not recommended!
  • Replied in Zeiss/Pentax
    They're here (Canon mount): or (Nikon mount): and then: ...
  • Hi Neil, interesting article, thanks! It took me a while to realize that you could see any part of the two pictures (PS and non PS) by sliding the line :-)
  • Very nice! But how did you get that horizon straight? ;-)
  • Robert, slides are much harder than negatives, that's my experience. The main thing is that you spread your colors (R, G and B separately) over the complete range (by "dragging the histogram"). I...

  • Valeriu, and at least as important: tighten the screw when you put the flash on the camera'hotshoe. Otherwise a small, unnoticeable shift of the flash might cause the above. I sometimes have this ...
  • For me it works great for shooting people indoors. In the film era I had my FA 50mm f/1.7 for this, now on APS-C it's my FA 35mm f/2.0, but some day ... (Thanks for posting all these evaluations ...
  • That would be my dream combo. Although 35mm may be too wide for me on FF to be my standard lens. Note that the focusing issues with this lens are not limited to Pentax. I hope you can solve them.  ...
  • Replied in Canvas color
    Ooops, it's blue in RAW and ... brown in JPEG (night version). The converter isn't there yet!
  • Replied in Canvas color
    I just noticed that the color of the canvas (background) seems blue with pixel shift, while it's almost gray/black without it. This becomes more evident in the "night" version of the test scene. I ...
  • It's too short.
  • This version is better indeed, Robert. Maybe you could crop a little bit at the right. Also some highlight recovery would improve it (although the highlights are not disturbing) and I would also ...
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