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  • I was all set to conclude that the setting you highlighted applies only to the JPEG only mode, but I went to the manual, which says, "Selects the JPEG image quality when [File Format] is set to ...
  • Where did you get that the A6400 allows RAW+extra fine JPEG? Footnote 2 of the "Number of recordable images" section of the A6400 online manual states, "[JPEG Quality] when [RAW & JPEG] is ...
  • Back button focus. Set customizable button to “AF on” and focus mode to AF-C. Press and hold button for tracking. Press and release to focus then recompose.

  • I just checked, and it works as I described. To ensure no mistake, I used a shallow DOF, initially focusing on a subject 5 feet away at 135mm/f5.6. I pressed the back button customized to be "AF...

  • Unless I'm misunderstanding your complaint or how the camera works, won't back button focus, as mentioned by LookintotheMirrorlessoften suggested, work? Assign "AF on" to a customizable button and...

  • I was also advised (today) by Adobe support to do just that (i.e., convert to DNG) for Photoshop Elements. But they also indicated that there would be an update to PSE that would enable it to ...
  • I think that if you purchased your product from the Apple App Store you’ll have to wait for Apple to push the ACR v 11.2 update. I have PSE 2019 with the ACR v 11.1 plug-in and cannot open a6400 ...
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