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  • Replied in Alcohol?
    Drying should not be an issue, because all film has been dried at some point. I've dried many thousands of rolls without any dust problems. You just need a dust-free environment. As far as I know, ...
  • Replied in Alcohol?
    Would alcohol really be best?   It seems like distilled or filtered water, plus a small amount of wetting agent would be sufficient. I've not tried this with film, but it works well with vinyl records.
  • I disagree, assuming that sRGB is the ultimate goal.  Your recommendation is probably a good one if you don't know what space you'll be using for the final image, or if you want flexibility to ...
  • If you'll always convert to sRGB in the end, it's probably better to work in that space from the beginning.  Conversion from a wide space into a narrower one, especially if also going to 8 bits, ...
  • As it should be, considering the price difference.  People that want a 5D4 will have to pay for a 5D4.
  • It's difficult to directly compare the methods used by both programs because DxO reportedly removes noise from the raw data while Denoise is operating on bitmap data. That said, my experience has ...
  • You should be able open the Adobe CC application and update LR from there.
  • RT sends a bitmap file to Nik for editing. When you return to RT, it sounds like you're still looking at the raw file. Most likely you'd need to open the bitmap file in RT to see the Nik changes.
  • In a digital capture, noise is mixed with the image. Carefully remove the noise, and most of the image remains. Film is different, because the grain IS the image. If you simply remove all of the ...
  • Interesting subject line, but I don't see anything in your post about what Adobe actually refused to do, just that you're refusing to ask Adobe to get you past this. I'd agree that this shouldn't ...
  • Replied in Canon DPP help
    It's possible (and probably likely) that your web browser is assuming sRGB, and that's what generally should be used for posting to the web (including Facebook).  Given that your photos don't look ...
  • It probably has more to do with currency exchange rates than inflation.  If it was inflation then the US price would have increased.
  • Image Trends created and sold a $30 plug-in called ShineOff. It's now available from Imadio. I think you could achieve the same results, maybe better, using Photoshop, but probably not with one click.
  • Restarting the PC will sometimes fix problems like this.  In Win 10 it's usually better to Restart, as opposed to Shut down/Start.
  • Replied in Canon DPP help
    Not necessarily. DPP has settings for choosing the viewing profile, and also for the color space of the image file after conversion from raw. If you have the wrong viewing profile selected in DPP, ...
  • One of the strengths of DxO OP's approach to NR, especially PRIME NR, is that DxO has managed to minimize the negative effects associated with traditional NR. For me, it's not so much the degree ...
  • I don't think LR plug-ins are the same as PS plug-ins, but I don't have specific knowledge about LR.  In fact, LR isn't even installed on my PC.  A person that uses both programs could probably ...
  • Replied in Canon DPP help
    A GIF will never look like the original, but a TIFF should be essentially the same.  There are color management settings in DPP that might not be correctly set up for your display.  The same goes ...
  • For even better NR in DxO OP, click the PRIME button, but be prepared to wait a bit for the result.
  • That is odd. On the few occasions that I've received similar error messages, it's been after a major (version number) update. Sounds like your solution might be the best one, at least until you ...
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