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tjdean01: Wait a minute. I read all that and until the end must have missed the part where they say this thing can't even make calls? OMG why on earth would anyone buy it then??? You already have Android on your phone! All that and you can just go out and buy a P&S camera which not only has better IQ but tactile buttons and is also cheaper. Wow.

If it made phone calls, wouldn’t that mean it’s really a smart phone that has a nice camera? And that would put it in a different category entirely, right. As it is, it’s a smart camera, not a smart phone. So it seems you’re being critical for it not being a smart phone, even though it’s not advertised as such. But this being one of the first smart cameras is why it’s getting so much attention, right? Would it get this attention if it was a smart phone?

I thought points were deducted for items listed under “The bad”. If not, then it seems like bad isn’t always bad, but instead can simply be wished-for features.

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On article Samsung Galaxy Camera in-depth review (82 comments in total)

Why is the inability of a camera to place phone calls listed under “The bad”? Is this really bad? Did Samsung advertise that ability? Do other cameras have that ability? I understand that most cell phones can also take photos, but I’m not aware of cameras that make phone calls. So how is that exclusively considered bad on this one?

I do get the point that the reviewer would have liked to make a phone call, but is it fair to deduct points for that?

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