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Former professional wedding photographer. Now doing Real Estate, Portrait and Landscape Photography. Been a musician since 1963 having had 2 recording studio's along the way and 2 indi albums produced. Been a professional photographer since 1999


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Count me as impressed. I've watched at least a dozen independent videos from professionals using this camera over the last day of it's official introduction. And it appears the S1 has some insanely low noise at absurdly high ISO's I've not seen to date as yet. Like 12,800 being close to noise free altogether. I haven't shot a video with my hybrid camera in over a year so I'd say 99% of my shooting is landscapes and portrait work. This may just be the camera to take me over. Fortunately I've avowed to sit out a purchase until this time next year waiting for the smoke to clear for Canon and Sony to announce some new FF entries more professionally oriented. But thus far I had not even considered Panasonic but they sure did step up to the plate. I'll just have to get my mindset past the DFD focus, which ironically for my use may well be all I'd ever need.

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(unknown member): This looks like a good camera at a very reasonable price. I'd be interested to see Bill Claff's noise numbers on a per pixel basis. And also curious who makes the sensor.

If Sony does make their sensor shame on them. My 1" sensored RX10MkIV can track focus just as well if not better and do 24fps with autofocus. The sharpness of my lens is perfection from 24mm out to 600mm. Those lenses on that camera would run some big bucks. I also have no issues shooting in lower light. My EVF is the same rez. My LCD is higher rez. Go figure. I"m sorry but in several areas Olympus missed the mark on this beast.

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I guess I won't judge from the samples offered here as virtually all the sports samples have NO biting sharpness or definition to them I've been accustomed to having on Fuji and Sony bodies I've used. Even an older OMD EM5 I had when it came out blew away what I'm seeing. Go figure. The RX10MkIV I'm currently playing with blows these samples away so I'll have to await some better examples before I'd judge what this camera's output must be like.

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no question the A9 nails focus now no matter what. However I guess the update doesn't do anything to increase the short fall it's had on dynamic range?

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I began a wedding photography career back in 1999 with a D30, but when the 1D came out I jumped on one. It was a revelation. I was nailing focus on the fast moving events (bouquet throwing etc.) and my photojournalistic manner thrived with that camera. I added all "L" lenses and loved travel with it as well. Got some great shots of Mt. St. Helens with the 100-400L and more but it never let me down. I still have a hankering for Canon and may jump on board once again when they release a pro version of the "R".

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It would seem if one is only shooting static subjects this could be a viable option. For fast moving subjects however their focus system will still not make the grade. Surprised they didn't incorporate more phase detection to overcome this.

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