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Mssimo: Almost 8 lbs. Sony is getting ready for Olympics and world cup Brazil 2014!

Heavier than the 500/F4 for Nikon DSLR by nearly 1 pound!
So much for the touted Mirrorless Camera light weight advantage.

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Retzius: Nikon should IMHO just end their software development. Its almost always poorly designed and never developed after release. Their wifi iOS app was a joke and really nothing more than just a remote release with live view.

TBH, I think the age of proprietary RAW converters is done. The camera makers should do what they are good at, making cameras, and let the software companies do what they are good at, make software.

Let the cameras output in TIFF or DNG (kudos to Pentax for this) and be done with it.

I've heard that before. But the camera is pretty much a computer. It's got software built in so Nikon cannot be software stupid. And how come Apple gets away with it? Apple is primarily a hardware company but I do not hear too many complaints about their OS or other software from users. Although I admit they lifted much of their software from UNIX.

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It doesn't bother me. I plan to buy the gear made by the camera body manufacturer when I buy the body. If I don't like the manufacturer's gear or pricing then I'd buy a different body. Batteries don't cost much compared to lenses. And we live in a free market. If any company pours on the costly surprises down the road I would point to Sony. However this kind of thing should generate some Internet flaming.

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The EOS-M is $299 at B&H right now. What point and shoot or CSC for $299 will outdo it in image quality?

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happypoppeye: yip ...and here come the SLR guys defending their purchases ...I hear them running behind me now.

I was about to buy my first compact, to go with my (big) Nikon DSLR. I recently tested the Canon G16, thumbs down on IQ but everything else it has going for it is wondrous. So next thought maybe I should up it and buy a Nikon 1 J3 with kit lens on sale for $400 or a Canon G1X on sale for $600, to use around everyday people, crowds, to avoid drawing attention and to have a camera with me all the time in my brief case. Issues with both those cameras though. The J3 is a small grip and tough to navigate with and is on the edge of having too small a sensor, while the G1X is slow focusing and has reported light leaks at certain settings. Well the G1X isn't that compact anyway. Looks like I'd have to spend the same amount on a compact as a DSLR to get IQ and a usability I like. And then it isn't so compact anymore. We are back to entry level DSLR weight and size. Add the 35mm lens you have, f1.8 Nikon or f2 Canon, adding half a pound. Total 1.5 pound small system, state of the art, light.

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Missing the point of this camera. I have this camera already collecting dust, a Nikon D40. Same size, body weight and sensor. So to match the Fuji I could throw the 35mm f1.8 on it, drain the battery at twice the normal rate and pay twice its worth.

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