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SKPhoto12: I tried to dowload the plugin and it seemed to work. However when I wanted to activate it, it asked for an activation code. I want to try it for free before I pay, so why do I need an activation code? Is this just a bluff to make you download it and compel you to pay?

For awhile, looks like it has a 100 hundred pic max before you have to buy it

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Fatality: By the way, to all the people who are planning on buying a new monitor.. Instead of buying one 30" monitor, I recommend getting two monitors in dual-head configuration -one 24" IPS and a second smaller cheap TFT monitor. Keep all of your tools on the TFT monitor (except the color palette) and do all of your processing and color work on the IPS monitor. It's less expensive this way and it's also better on the eyes since you can always turn off the second monitor if you don't need the extra screen real estate, plus you can conveniently adjust the position/angle of the second monitor. I'm using this setup since 2000 for 3D, digital imaging and illustration work, it's working really well for me..

(some advice to novice users) :)

Something i just found out recently with my wacom (i use a three monitor setup) is you can map the tablet to cover a portion of your second (and third monitor) so i place the photoshop tools in this region so i can still each them with the pen.

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Very ominous shot given that many shoes have been washing up on the BC coast over the last few years NOT empty.

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