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Franz Weber: They should ban all conectors and force companies to make all wireless. Imagine you could wirelessly charge your Nikon or Canon on the same charging pad as your phone, your drill or your shaver

Now EU hear this.

I can charge my sony via USB ;-)

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Relaxed: Talking about fascism in innovation 🤣.
How about you standardize your power outlets?

Yes, we have a standardized socket that can accept both French and German plugs. Everybody else is expected to use adapters.

Particularly annoying here in Italy. Italian plugs are much more compact, you can fit two sockets in the space of one French/German one. But new equipment need only be supplied with the French/German standard, so you either have to change the plug or use an adapter that blocks two sockets.

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I noticed that AfterShot Pro claims to be able to integrate with GIMP.

Has anybody actually tried this, on Windows or Linux?

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ABW: any idea if this will open ARW files from the Sony A7III?

Mine was an observation on your comment that all photo software can open RAW images. LR clearly now has a problem here.....

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sportyaccordy: Looks like they finally added built in shadow/highlight recovery (I never figured out how to use curves to that effect). Will check this against Capture One to see how it deals with ARW files.

So there are transfer functions that curves cannot represent?

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ABW: any idea if this will open ARW files from the Sony A7III?

Lightroom is not capable of loading RAW images for my new camera unless I run them through a converter utility or take out a subscription to an online service.

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(unknown member): Well, what exactly is going on here. THe 5D MkIII is as good because this will not be released until june and you might want one in the meantime? Unless you want BIG, there is no advantage, DR same, noise worse, hmmm. Less to go for in video than a 5D MkII .

Ok guys, listen up.

When I buy ANY camera it is to be able to take ANY picture WELL!
My D800 does this. The noise is no worse than a D3 downsampled to 12MP (with MUCH more detail)
I can use APS-C mode to get as good as 1D MkIV frame rates (YES!!with better IQ)

It does everything.

The IQ is NOT as good as certain other machines, agreed, but they cannot do everything well (Canon 1Ds MkII, Sony A7R etc).

Nikon do not have this three or four tier system in which DR and resolution, and the buffer, are deliberately crippled to get you to buy a 1Dx (or in their case, D4s)

One camera should be all anyone needs, and it should last a lifetime. If you buy another, it should be because it does everything as well, but you just like it!

I'm not so sure I would agree with one of your comments here.

It's true that Nikon does not create a 'Tier' system by crippling sensor performance....the entry level D5xxx series cameras tend to have a top level performance, and the enthusiast Df beats all cameras on high ISO.

But they do seem cripple them by buffering! Only the cameras intending for full professional use can shoot flat out non stop.

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On article Post-Photokina polls - Tell us what you think (196 comments in total)

I do believe Ansel Adams always used large format.

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Mind you, NON of the professinal video cameramen will be using phase AF.

I don't do much sports photography, but when I have I've done it by prefoccusing on where I expect the action to take place... Finishing line, 1 meter in front of the starting get the idea.

I also once tried shooting a dowhill MTB with a pocket compact. Pre focus was no problem, but the shutter lag was a pain. I had to learn to guage the lag and anticipate.

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What are you all so scared about?

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On article Bibble Labs purchased by Corel (50 comments in total)

Downloaded AfterShotPro from Corel, and in effect it seems pretty much the same as Bibble5, although without as many plugins.

I should imagine this is early days, let's hope it carries on getting better.

Perhaps Corel's biggest challenge is that they will need to get a lot more progress and evolution out the door before many people (myself include) will be convinced to invest in an upgrade....Corel, as noted by many in this thread, have a history of blind management and a reputation for killing good products.

Here's my system:

Linux version 3.0.0-14-generic (buildd@allspice) (gcc version 4.6.1 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.1-9ubuntu3)

So I guess that at least for now the latest Linux systems are supported :D

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On article Bibble Labs purchased by Corel (50 comments in total)

I am a long term user of PSP. Recently my use has been decling because I no longer use windows, and running a 32 bit PSP in a virtual box is functional but a terrible waste of my 64 bit multi core processors power.

My workflow starts with Bibble 5 on Linux. I use a corrupt interpretation of the star system. 1 means delete, 2 keep but don't edit, 3 means edit in Bibble is sufficient, 4 means extra work in the Gimp, and 5 stars means that I will need to edit them using the VM. Then I output them to different folders.

You can infer from this that I still find PSP better for the most difficult PP tasks, but I try and avoid it!

So for me having PSP layered photo editing power in Linux along with Bibble RAW technology would be awesome....Roll it on.

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Some wonderful popular science theories here. Lets put some counter arguments.

1) The way images are recreated suggests to be that it would be quite possible to populate the sensor plane with multiple smaller chips, the microlens arrangement can ensure there are no gaps in the captured information.

2) 1024x768 is a popular computer display size, but it's only 0.75MP.

3) Each point in a Plenoptic camera draws information from multiple sensor points,that in itself reduces noise, why do we think these cameras are going to be noisy?

4) I am overjoyed by the fact the first product is going to be a consumer product. So I can afford to buy one and try it out. And I hope, I really hope, it is going to work.

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On photo Slushy Walkway in the Muddy/puddly city-snow challenge (1 comment in total)

Very well framed, but a little rotation to the right could have worked wonders.

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On photo Slush: A week after the snowfall in the Muddy/puddly city-snow challenge (1 comment in total)

Nice light here

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On photo Smuddy.... in the Muddy/puddly city-snow challenge (1 comment in total)

...but I think I tiny rotation to the left might have helped.

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On photo Snow on the dark side in the Muddy/puddly city-snow challenge (1 comment in total)

This really hits the theme, well done.

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