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Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in My experience...
    I've been caught in downpours a few times with a 10L bag, no problems to report. I've only had the bag for a few months, so maybe there is something that happens with use? I hope not, because so ...
  • Replied in No zippers?
    I made my own from a diaper bag and camera insert. Zero zippers, and it looks like I am carrying a bag of crap.
  • Replied in None for me
    I often use zippered bags from Peak, Pacsafe, and Target ($25 plain canvas), and no zipper problems ever. I also use bags from Ape Case, Tamrac, and Lowepro with no zipper issues to report.
  • Replied in Overrated?
    There is an entire universe of photography for which autofocus is actually quite useful, if not essential (IMHO). I have several manual focus lenses, which I use along with AF lenses (sometimes in ...
  • The pilot will have little time to prepare for an emergency landing if it is already about to land, or has just taken off. If an engine is lost mid-flight, however, that is more manageable (but...

  • Replied in Only when...
    Only when I hand it to someone who wants to "try my camera".
  • Replied in Costco?
    Many Costco outlets (in the U.S.) have a "mini lab" in addition to ink jet printers. If you upload and select "no adjustments" then the job gets sent to the mini lab. If you match the resolution ...
  • Replied in A test?
    I'd suggest a (somewhat) controlled test, if possible using a focus calibration setup. This can be as easy as a ruler on a 45 degree angle. If you are repeatedly getting back or front focus, then ...
  • Replied in Useless?
    I use the 135/1.8 for concert photography. While it is a little slow, I don't think that is due to the screw drive, I think it is due to a huge chunk of glass making up the focus group. I don't ...
  • Replied in Minolta?
    Not just sharpness, but pretty much everything :) I have a Minolta 85/1.4G and I like using it tandem with the 135/1.8. Besides different focal lengths, they are "different" in bokeh, field ...
  • Replied in Descendants?
    You overestimate my relatives' interest in photography (at least mine). I have very few family photos, perhaps a thousand. There may be a modest interest in those, but as others have suggested— ...
  • Replied in My mistake...
    My mistake, I customized that button to be the focus magnifier since I don't use the smart telecom feature (it does not work for raw mode shooting).
  • Replied in Magnifier
    The "smart telecom" button (right below Fn) is the default button.
  • Replied in I like...
    I like the bokeh in the first three, but not the other ones. That's OK, because "good" and "bad" bokeh are subjective. My guess is many people like what I do not, and don't like many examples of ...
  • Replied in Adapter?
    For almost any mirrorless camera, a simple "dumb" adapter with no glass ought to work perfectly. As mentioned in the previous post, there is one for E-mount on the market now. I would not be ...
  • Replied in Rokkor 58/1.2
    I agree, and I do post :)
  • (1) Wired or wireless (or "internet")? (2) Video quality specs? (3) Describe "end point" This might help ...
  • Replied in Yes.
    I have a few "ludicrous sharp" lenses, for example the Sigma 35/1.4 Art. i also have a 42Mp camera. I am amazed at how much I can crop and get great results. It almost makes a sharp prime into a zoom.
  • Replied in Random thoughts
    (1) When using the Lensbaby, you can enable the camera's IBIS by dialing in the focal length of the particular lens you are using. This setting will be remembered, but ignored if you attach a lens ...
  • Replied in For whom?
    No, it is not. It's no more or less a pain than most other techniques, particularly with modern cameras' wide spread of AF points.
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