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Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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    Shagwüf: @roXplosion #dcrocks #a99ii
  • Replied in Telephoto...
    All of the lenses listed as telephoto are, in fact, telephoto lenses.
  • Replied in Because...
    I think "lots of blur" means "a lot of this image is blurry". It could be by mistake (discussing focus errors), it could be motion blur, it could be because the subject is a very small portion of ...
  • Replied in Because...
    The only time I read or hear "a lot of bokeh" is when someone seems really proud of themselves having inserted that word into a sentence. Somewhat like "per se". I have been in a recording studio ...
  • The difference in aperture can be a pretty big deal, particularly for either fast moving or poorly lit subjects. A super zoom will usually have both a telephoto and retrofocal lens group. That's a ...
  • Replied in Because...
    Would you ever say that something you read has "a lot of grammar"? I wouldn't. I might say "I appreciate the way you used a lot of grammatical quirks to highlight your point".
  • Replied in Depressing?
    Indeed. How are we going to raise awareness and get people to post the right kind of posts? First, we need a hero. Someone that has identified the problem, and clearly is enthusiastic about ...
  • Enormous. At 500mm, this prime lens opens to f/4. Most super zooms (or even zooms) are f/5.6 or even f/6.3 at 500mm. Eh. Too many compromises for me when it comes to super zooms. But I'm not ...
  • Replied in Should I be?
    Should I be hip? What are the hours, and does it pay?
  • Actually, it does. Of course, you have to take into account that it is a juxtaposing of translated Japanese phrases and thus makes for an awkward English phrase... but perfectly understandable ...
  • I have read the same, but have yet to find a definitive reference— which means little when exploring obscure terms' origins from before the internet. I'm sure it's available somewhere, just not ...
  • Replied in Zoom?
    Yup, I meant "focus". The current Zeiss 85/1.4 is both screw drive and extends when focusing. The 135/1.8 is screw drive but internal focusing. Neither have internal "zoom" (the 85 has some focus ...
  • Are you using metric or imperial units?
  • Replied in 135/1.8?
    I don't know about the 85, but what sort of noticeable improvements would you expect from a new(er) 135/1.8? If they could make a new 85/1.4 with weather sealing, SSM, and internal zoom— that would ...
  • Replied in AF differences
    Every lens I have performs better on the a99ii than it does on the a99. I never had any particular issue with the 50/1.4 on my a99, it just gives me more total keepers on the a99ii. I'm also ...
  • Replied in Tamron?
    Sadly, it is not an out and about kind of lens, it is quite large and heavy. For more regular use I prefer my 24/2 :)
  • Replied in Tone?
    You sure do have a lot of tone in your post. Also a lot of grammar.
  • Replied in AF differences
    I've noticed much better AF performance on the a99ii (compared to the a99). Since I own both, my comparisons have also been done with exactly the same lenses. The AF system is much better on the ...
  • Replied in Acme?
    Are there actual "flawless" examples of this, as you suggest? I am not so sure such a thing exists.
  • Yes. There is a distinct forum just for adapted lenses, where many of the posts answer exactly that question. Often, they also explain why.
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