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Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in It depends
    Most of my events are low light concerts, where most of the photos are of performers and not attendees. As a matter of principle (for these events) I don't use a flash. This necessitates fast ...
  • Replied in Primes
    I just assumed all lenses for digital cameras were zooms. Oh, how my eyes were opened!
  • Sure, your old(er) camera cannot write any faster to these new cards, but with the right card reader you can suck them into your computer faster. Perhaps even much faster. Depending on your ...
  • Old EX version of the 70mm macro, the one with the screw drive AF.
  • Replied in Yes.
    It depends on your goals, both aesthetic and technical. This is widely considered one of the most iconic rock & roll photo ever taken: Pennie Smith I have seen this printed 10 feet high and nobody ...
  • Replied in VAIO?
    Got Dell to stop selling computers? VAIO computers were not exactly game changing PCs, were they?
  • Replied in screwdrive AF
    I have several old screwdrive AF lenses and most of them keep up just fine. The only exception is an 85/1.4 where most of the lens moves-- so any AF mechanism would struggle moving all that glass.
  • Replied in Tough call...
    My favorite is also my least used: Sony 135 STF. My most used are the Zeiss 24/2 and Zeiss 50/1.4, so they are kinda my favorites, too.
  • Replied in For me... yes!
    If I was going to buy another camera today, it would be another a99ii. I have 19 A-mount lenses, more than few batteries, a VG, and it all works. I am tempted to get an E-mount, but will probably ...
  • I have no doubt that a children's dance school concert often represents a mix of challenging scenes, difficult lighting, and careful development of trust with the performers. Nonetheless, not the ...
  • Replied in Samples?
    Can you post a sample of what you are getting now?
  • Raw? Of course. Auto WB? That rarely works. Yes, there is. It would be great to continue this conversation in the Concert Photography forum, where others could easily find the thread and learn, ...
  • [rant] Still no forum dedicated to concert photography. Nobody is going to look in Portrait and People or Sports and Action for advice on how to handle saturated LED stage lights. [/rant]
  • Replied in Which forum?
    This is primarily a gear forum, but if you look closely you'll see that the forums are categorized as follows: (1) dpreview Discussion (2) Photo Equipment (3) Computers ...
  • Replied in bokeh?
    Yes it is, and it started with iPhone ads designed to appeal to hipsters.
  • Replied in bokeh?
    [rant] Only by Apple, and I reject their definition. "I like the bokeh in this image" means that the bokeh is pleasing, smooth, or whatever else appeals to that particular viewer. It does not mean ...
  • Replied in bokeh?
    I think you are confusing some terms, let me make sure i understand what you are asking: Bokeh is the quality of the out of focus areas of the image, I'm not sure what "noticeable bokeh" is. Do you ...
  • I'd recommend a "nifty fifty", a fast (f/2 or wider) normal lens somewhere in the 45mm to 55mm range. I recommend this without even knowing what type of photography you will eventually gravitate to. ...
  • Replied in 24-35-50-85
    For me, 24-35-50-85 are "perfectly" spaced. I'd go so far as to add a 15mm fisheye on one end and a 135 on the other— and still maintain perfection.
  • Replied in What I use now
    By far, my most used camera lens combo is my a99ii and Zeiss 50/1.4 so that's what I would pick. Until I have some reason to think another combo will work better (for me), I'd stick with that.
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