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Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in Incorrect
    Incorrect. I have done tests that conclude the opposite; in particular that for the majority of the shots I take, a larger format yields a clearly visible improvement over smaller formats (with ...
  • Replied in FWIW
    Obviously, everyone shoots a little differently— in terms of subject matter, style they are going for, and technique (for which specific gear may influence). So take any specific advice with a ...
  • Replied in In the wild
    I do (mostly) concert photography, and I am starting to see a7 (various versions) and a9 cameras more and more. Most of these, as far as I can tell, are being used for stills but I imagine there ...
  • Replied in Useful?
    With low light, you will be forced to compromise somewhere; either a slower speed, a shallower DoF, or a grainier shot. Sometimes, a shallow DoF is the acceptable compromise. Other times, you might ...
  • Replied in Only 3?
    You might like the micro-beercan. It's not the absolute greatest in IQ, but certainly not bad. It is extremely small and light, making it a great walkaround lens because it is so unobtrusive as ...
  • Replied in Only 3?
    It might depend on the location, but knowing nothing else I'll go for the three I use the most: (1) 35/1.4G (2) 85/1.4G (3) beercan The only other Minolta AF lens I own is the ...
  • Replied in "We can do that"
  • At last! I've been waiting for lenses to be adorned in red paint. Don't let people tell you dreams don't come true!

  • Replied in f/2.8 is f/2.8
    If you have two lenses of the same focal length, their apertures (diameter of the entrance pupil) will be the same size for the same f/number. The only difference between a f/1.4 lens at f/2.8 and ...
  • Replied in "macro"
    Misuse of technical terms for marketing is one of my peeves as well, and "macro" is up there as one of the most common. Other favorites: (1) apochromat (2) telephoto (3) and of ...
  • I'd like to explore that situation further, if possible. What was it about the format that caused it to not be readable? Was the file allocation table corrupted? Partition table? Could the card be ...
  • Replied in I am
    I'm pretty upset. I'm considering a hunger strike to raise awareness.
  • Replied in Computer science
    Formatting a block device to function as a file system is a process that falls under the subject of computer science. "The file system" is either a functional FAT (or ExFAT) file system, or it is ...
  • Replied in What camera?
    What camera do you use? A full frame camera of of reasonably recent vintage, plus a lens with a wider aperture (f/2.8) might eliminate the need for using a flash. You could try a diffuser on the ...
  • Replied in The lens?
    That's not a particularly fast lens. I'd guess an upgrade to a f/2.8 zoom or (even better) a fast 35 (f/1.8 or f/1.4) would get you much better results in dark environs. I'm not familiar with your ...
  • Replied in Why?
    I usually format on my Mac. When I insert the freshly formatted card into my camera,  the folder/DB structure gets created (it take three or four seconds). So as far as I can tell, after the ...
  • Replied in Why?
  • Replied in I do
    Maybe not speakers, but I think lens rendering can be compared to audio amplifiers. A modern solid state amplifier will almost perfectly amplify its input signal. "Clinical" one might call it. ...
  • Replied in Which lens?
    I have the same problem, as well as lenses mis-identified by ID. My solution (so far) has been to save metadata (sidecar file), then edit the sidecar file as I deem necessary, then read the ...
  • Replied in Which lens?
    Which lens are you using where you get --- for the focal length? I hope it is only unchipped manual lenses! I have three such lenses, an adapted (mount swapped) Rokkor 58/1.2, a Samyang 8mm ...
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