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Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Most concepts and terms, including bokeh, have definitions that don't always make sense if you directly substitute the definition (a phrase) for the word (a word). You are guilty of reductio ad adlib .
  • Replied in I like it...
    I like it. Some people don't. Bokeh is subjective.
  • Replied in Same for me
    I got the 70-300 USD a few years ago, there was a similar rebate (I think $100?) and they sent it to me within a week. Nice lens, BTW :)
  • Replied in Poseurs?
    No such English word existed that properly described the thing, so maybe it was not so stupid after all? Next question: who would be stupid enough to borrow a French word to describe how stupid it ...
  • Noted. Again. Might I suggest that others are more concerned? And that you might be conversing with them on a photography gear blog?
  • Replied in Quality?
    Of course there is. Good bokeh is of higher quality than bad bokeh. It's subjective, just like the quality of service in a restaurant or quality of the seat cushions in your car. What would lead ...
  • Replied in Clueless
    That is my understanding as well, but as with many words and idioms some subtlety can be lost in translation. I know I can discern many types of stupid despite not have good words for any of them! ...
  • Replied in Quality
    "Quality" does not necessarily mean "good." The poll explicitly uses the word "quality." Even "good" has modifiers, and one person's good will not always match another's. There is a parallel thread ...
  • Replied in Especially....
    Zeropolycarbonate? Or marchofthetripods?
  • A telephoto lens is shorter in physical size than its focal length. That's the definition. I can excuse the home shopping network for being confused and conflating the terms "telephoto" and "long", ...
  • Replied in Especially....
    Some folks have a multi-line signature that gets included in many responses, then if they respond again it is doubled, then tripled... A one or two line signature getting the hall of mirrors effect ...
  • Replied in Beautiful?
    You might be referring to a different poll, none of the options used the word "beautiful". Here's a post I made a few weeks ago: I used the word bokeh ...
  • Replied in Actually...
    That article links to an earlier one at LL that (IMHO) is a better overall read on bokeh:
  • Replied in Well...
    On a blog site about photography, you are swimming with people who do. Correct use of terms is (often) necessary to correctly describe gear, ask questions, and unambiguously answer questions. ...
  • Replied in Actually...
    Swirly bokeh is a description of the aesthetics of the blur, exactly what bokeh is. There will be sentences, from time to time, that read well if blur and bokeh are interchanged, but that does not ...
  • Replied in Comprehension?
    His first response was a direct answer to the OP's question: He also sought to educate further, in this case it was about terminology. That happens on ...
  • Replied in LR/Mogrify
    Assuming you use LR, you could try LR/Mogrify. It does quite a bit more than what you are looking for, but extracting EXIF info and overlaying it is exactly what I have been using it for.
  • Replied in 外来語
    The Japanese did not acquire the term anime directly from the original Latin, although you are correct on the origin of the English term. In a similar fashion, the Japanese term "disuketto" is ...
  • Replied in Sweet!
    Sweet, it's nice to be able to take advantage of daylight. Now try this one with a zoom (you might need to open the aperture up a bit, the available light was close to -5EV):
  • Replied in 外来語
    If we are in Japan and speaking in Japanese, correct. But we are in America (or at least on an American based web site), and in America language is borrowed from other languages all the time. ...
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