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About me:

Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in Motion Blur
    When you zoom in (like you have in post production), you have (effectively) multiplied your focal length. I would recommend a much faster shutter speed, or turn off any VR and try it from a good, ...
  • Replied in Pros?
    Professional... (1) wedding photographers? Probably not. (2) sports photographers? Probably not. (3) fine art portraiture? Yes.
  • Replied in My DAM
    I've got ~250,000 photos over ~15 years, almost all of it is concert photography. I frequently need to reach back to past sets for specific photos of bands or venues (or both). Conceptually, I ...
  • I Turn My Camera On (Spoon) Phototropic (Kyuss) Photograph (Ringo) Sister Photographer (Chemical X)
  • The biggest problem I have with this is the emo piano music you have to endure while looking at the "Lightograph™"

  • Replied in Sony 135 STF
    I bought into the A-mount system just for this lens. I'd link to an image of it, but DPReview won't let me link to an image from their own site. It's in the lens list under Sony. A close second is ...
  • Replied in Ellipsis?
    As I read your posts I wonder... why does each sentence begin with a front-loaded ellipsis? Normally this indicates missing or omitted text, or a pause (somewhat like an m-dash). I'm not familiar ...
  • If it makes you feel any better, the remnants of that bass are now considered among the most valuable instruments...

  • Replied in 100%
  • Not to agree or disagree with either of your fine points, I would argue that everything about this photo has become something worthy to emulate. The technical merits (or lack thereof according to ...
  • 100% I use f/1.4 primes for darker environs :)
  • Replied in "it depends"
    There is technical quality, measured with dynamic range, noise, sharpness, distortion, etc. But within those categories, what matters... and where and when? For example, a "high quality" portrait ...
  • Replied in Adobe what?
    Lightroom? I use Capture One. Photoshop? Designer? I use Affinity Photo/Designer. Acrobat? I use PDF Pen.
  • To handle saturated colored lights just lower your EV by 2/3 of a stop (or more as experience dictates), that gives you enough headroom. Then crank the shadows in post. I use an (ancient) a99ii in...

  • Replied in Popcorn
    This could negatively affect popcorn sales.
  • Replied in Me
    Me. Does it matter?
  • Replied in Samyang?
    I have read that the Samyang 8mm fisheye is stereographic, is that correct?
  • Replied in So?
    I don't mean to be flippant, I mean "why should it matter to you if some people find your technique odd?" You are not required to find a use for every feature of your camera. You are most ...
  • Replied in If...
    If you use the oil-based fog machine, only use lenses that have all-internal operation. Otherwise, the oil based haze will get into your lens and camera as you zoom (or focus, depending on the lens). ...
  • Replied in Concerts
    To the degree that concerts are considered "events", my answer is "rarely". It has its place.
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