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Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in Moving files...
    I move folders of images from drive to drive and desktop to server all the time. I perform the move operation from within LR: just drag n' drop as I would with the Mac finder or the Windows' ...
  • I have seen inexpensive tilt/shift adapters made to be used with MF lenses, since the MF lens produces such a larger image circle in theory this could provide enough leeway for some tilt and/or ...
  • Replied in Micro-beercan?
    I did. I was underwhelmed. Perhaps whatever handling caused the coating to wear also damaged or misaligned something else, or perhaps it is not a stellar performer to begin with... or perhaps I am ...
  • Replied in Micro-beercan?
    I bought a  (circa) 1985 Minolta 35-70/4 "micro-beercan" for $50 on eBay. It is really tiny, which means in a crowd it does not stand out. I have used it for rallies, marches, and similar outdoor ...
  • Replied in Yes it is
    Yes, it is. My opinion on composition, stated as an objective fact, wins!
  • Replied in I assume...
    I assume this means you will no longer be posting on photography gear forums? 'Cuz... what's the point?
  • Replied in Yes
    Stopping down definitely "equalizes" lenses, certainly for the most obvious aspects such as vignetting, bokeh, coma, fringing, etc. What's left are distortions such as you allude to, as well as ...
  • Replied in a99ii
    The A-mount future looks like an a99ii. I have no need to own multiple bodies of differing capabilities, so an a99ii (or possibly two) will be quite sufficient for my needs. If that leaves a "gap" ...
  • Replied in Doubt?
    I second that emotion, and hereby grant your requested permission.
  • Replied in Nifty fifty
    My #1 go-to lens for any situation I might encounter is a 50/1.4. Not too wide, not too long, and I'm good to go even as the sun goes down. My current nifty fifty is the old(er) ∑50/1.4 EX which ...
  • Replied in Not enough
    Not enough for my intended purpose.
  • Replied in No bursts :)
    More like 400 shots a day, 3 or 4 days a week... I can't go out five nights a week :) There are also occasional daytime festivals, with ten or more bands plus crowd shots. Thus I might be up to ...
  • Replied in Amen!
    "It's not a good effect" is stated as if you have personally seen all such uses of that effect, did not like any of them, and have been elected to speak for all of photography. To the example shots ...
  • Replied in No bursts :)
    I have about 110K that have not been deleted, although my backlog right now is about 10K so the total number of "keepers" ought to end up at 105K (or so). So I keep a little under half of what I ...
  • Replied in What?
    Can someone explain in a few sentences exactly what this is about? I know the angry photographer is angry, but he dances around whatever it is that he is angry about. Is there a post somewhere ...
  • If you have to ask, the answer is "no".
  • Replied in 250k+
    I got my a99 about four years ago, it now has a little over 250,000 shutter releases.
  • Replied in Amen!
    I go for a single eyelash, but sure... if you want to go deep enough that the whole eye is in focus that is your artistic choice.
  • Replied in Fascination?
    I'm not as convinced as you are of the benefits of a deep DoF. Certainly, those with a fascination for shallow DoF would disagree? For the shots in your original post, I don't see a shallow DoF ...
  • Replied in Correct!
    For these types of shots, the creativity of the photographer matters more than the gear (for the most part). Larger sensors (and their corresponding lenses) have a larger universe of scenes that a ...
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