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About me:

Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in Options.
    You don't. Responding to this thread is optional. You don't have to, that is also optional. This might not be a thread that applies to you, or interests you. Depends on the "we". Some of we find it ...
  • Replied in Just guessing
    I have not, I am just guessing what it is like.
  • Replied in Credentials
    I make a point of always doing my homework. If credentials are necessary, I work with the promoter, venue, or band to secure the proper permission. I know the policies of most of the venues I ...
  • Nor do yours, nor do anyone else's. If you want to bring a camera to a Journey concert, you should do your homework. Or, skip the homework and complain. There is no shortage of posts on this site ...
  • (look under "prohibited items"). My assumption would be that credentials are necessary for anything other than a P&S, and even though it is not explicitly ...
  • Replied in Nifty 50, please
    The most prevalent among my keepers is 50mm (on a FF camera). When I shoot a concert I start with a 50/1.4 for each set, then move to other lenses as I see fit. If I am taking photos in any other ...
  • If you don't like the decisions that the government makes, you vote them out of office. If you don't like the terms that a collection of private entities (artists, venues, sponsors, promoters, etc) ...
  • Replied in What else?
    Did you sneak drinks in as well? I know you're not supposed to but... did you anyway?
  • Replied in No rules
    Common sense for composition is what matters, I think. I sometimes try to exploit  front/back focus to make diptychs, which is somewhat more dramatic with ever wider apertures.
  • Replied in Correct
    Correct. Also, the promoter is, in fact, speaking for the artist. Rather explicitly, and contractually. If the artist wants any special rules or exceptions, the promoter's job is to handle it on ...
  • Replied in Sneaking?
    You bought a ticket knowing ahead of time you intended to dishonor the terms of the ticket purchase? If they want you to photograph their show, you are not sneaking. If the venue requires a media ...
  • "Hmmm... I think I see what you're saying. Thanks, I'll think about that." [scene] This is not an aspect of life that requires complex solutions. Let whomever think they have successfully passed on ...
  • Replied in Image quality
    "Image quality" and "print size" are related, but it is not a direct 1:1 relationship. There are many improvements to IQ that do not necessarily have to do with final output resolution. The extra ...
  • Replied in Or...
    Or you can do both. Use the Instagram API to feed your website, so that as you post to IG, your web site is (in effect) updated.
  • Replied in Photography
    Photography improved my photography. Not to be curt, but taking photos over and over again in familiar settings, hundreds or even thousands of photos— improved my photography. It's all digital... ...
  • Replied in None?
    The Zeiss 50/1.4 is a nearly perfect lens, and I think you forgot about the Zeiss 24/2 and Sony 300/2.8 and 500/4? The latter are probably not too good for weddings (unless you are paparazzi), but ...
  • I've shot a few weddings with my a99ii, never as the "wedding photographer" guy but always as the "please, please, please bring your camera to our wedding" guy. So my experience is almost entirely ...
  • Replied in Neither
    You need a Phase1.
  • Replied in Who?
    Where do you see that over and over?
  • Replied in Sherpa?
    I was going in that direction but you beat me to it :(
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