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Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in Every shot?
    Every shot? No. But often, if I am shooting a dynamic scene (usually at a concert), I will review a few at a time to see if I got a good one of a particular musician. If I am happy with what I ...
  • Replied in Punch?
    As a generic portrait, I think it has too much "punch" (edginess and color). But you mention that's what you were going for, so it should be judged from that context. It is well framed, and the ...
  • Replied in Good work!
    I like them, and I think you made good use of a shallow DoF. A few of them, perhaps, were cropped a little too much on the top, but that's a matter of taste.
  • I appreciate your kind words, but I am well aware of how I am achieving these shots. All of them result from years of experimenting and adjusting my technique, angle, exact position of the sun or ...
  • Replied in The future?
    There are already third party mirrorless lenses. They are made by Zeiss, Tamron, Sigma, Tokina, Samyang, Venus, and at least a few others.
  • Replied in Minolta?
    I got a 35-70/4 for (I think) $50, in very good condition. It is quite tiny, and on the a99ii it makes a very unobtrusive kit. I'm not a big fan of zooms, but I have been to some rallies and ...
  • Replied in Nifty fifties...
    My #1 walkaround lens (as well as concert lens) on my a99 and a99ii was my Sigma 50/1.4 (not the Art version, so I think we are both referring to the same lens). What a gem! I have the Zeiss 24/2, ...
  • Replied in No!
  • I am quite used to using my 135/1.8 at f/1.8. It is quite useful, particularly in low light. The shallow DoF is a feature, it can add atmosphere and genuine depth to a scene. My 85/1.4 is most ...
  • Replied in Sure?
    I use those lenses because my camera is an A-mount DSLT. I don't think of myself fortunate (not for that, at least), because I don't have any other choice than lenses designed for it. Is it that ...
  • Added 2 photos to their gallery
    Brickwall Monty: @roXplosion #dcrocks #a99iiBrickwall Monty: @roXplosion #dcrocks #a99ii
  • Replied in Which lenses?
    Which lenses are you referring to? The only Sony FF E mount lens with a large(ish) space between the sensor and rear element is the 50/1.8. Elements closer to the sensor are used for the opposite, ...
  • I recently started using a Peak Design Sling 10. I'm using an a99ii with battery grip attached, about the same size as a D850 with grip. I set up the interior so the camera/grip goes in the ...
  • Replied in Indeed!
    The very definition of "telephoto" is a lens that is physically shorter than its focal length. Not all lenses with the "telephoto" marketing designation are actually telephoto designs, but if it ...
  • Replied in Choice is good
    Absolutely. In particular, for FF sensors and long lenses (>60mm or so), I don't think there is any way to get a smaller lens regardless of flange distance. I suppose in theory there is some sort ...
  • Replied in Fast 50?
    I was amazed at how useful a FF camera with a fast 50mm can be. To this day I still take close to half my photos with a 50/1.4.
  • Replied in Sometimes
    Wide angle lenses for mirrorless cameras can be made smaller because a retrofocal design is not necessary to clear the (non-existent) mirror box. There may also be other lens designs that have rear ...
  • Replied in Huh?
    The mount distance does not matter, but the size of the rear element and its distance from the sensor could make a difference. The rear element does not have to be near the mount. Older lenses made ...
  • The Nikon lens uses a retrofocal design in order to increase the distance between the rear element of the lens and the sensor. This is necessary because of the mirror box. The Nikon lens is also ...
  • Replied in Worked for me
    When I clicked on the link, a small video window opened up with your video. The user experience was that it did not look like I ever left the DPReview site.
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