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Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in IMHO
    Do you? I beg to differ. Some lenses cost zero because they have been in the family for years. Other people may have a different concept of "worth" than you do. What you have described may be quite ...
  • Replied in SR mount
    There are two Minolta mounts you are ever likely to see: (1) A-mount, used on Maxxum, Dynax, and Alpha cameras (including Sony) (2) SR-m ...
  • Replied in My take
    I have the Sigma Art as well as the Minolta version of the 35G. Despite by all accounts being identical to the Sony, the Minolta has a different lens ID and thus will not work with the advanced AF ...
  • Replied in Same != same
    The larger pixels on the FF can absorb/detect more photons than the smaller pixels on the smaller sensor. This is quite noticeable in low light, or even in bright light where a scene has shadows.
  • Created discussion thread Tax refunds (USA)
    Looks like after filing my taxes, as well as a few amended taxes from years prior, I will end up with just a little over $4000. So here is my situation: (1) Old a77+VG. Won't even turn on. What am I ...
  • Replied in Errors?
    I'm not aware of any computational errors introduced into a image by downsampling. There are different algorithms that may do a better (or worse) job handling moire and palette reduction, is that ...
  • St. Patrick's Day, so of course the venue had intense green lights. The de-smurfing process took a while.
  • Replied in Drinks?
    Buying a drink for the lighting jockey is never a bad idea!
  • Replied in Saturated LEDs
    Best to shoot in raw, and underexpose by a full stop. I encounter this situation all the time, red is tough to meter for while blue and green tend to highlight (accentuate?) skin blemishes. I'm ...
  • Replied in I disagree
    Using the same lack of logic one could make the same argument about any of the existing forums, yes? Concert photography has a very specific set of conditions and restraints that have very little ...
  • Replied in How close?
    How close would you estimate you were to the bird when you took that shot?
  • Replied in Lens swaps
    I can swap lenses from a mosh pit in about 20 seconds... although I usually need to either be right at the stage or have a compatriot I really trust. On the street I can do it with much less stress :)
  • Replied in Sometimes...
    I think your questions boils down to "is there any reason to use a higher Mpx camera than the maximum that fits on your display device?" My apologies if I got that wrong, but my answer assumes my ...
  • Replied in Another example!
    Yet another excellent post, and one that would be best in a forum dedicated to this specific type of photography. Would you be so kind as to post in the "Site Feedback" forum, and request a ...
  • Replied in Yes
    In LR, geotag an image. Then, with that image selected, <shift> or <ctrl> select all the additional photos you want (the key is that the initial image is the first one selected). Then, use the ...
  • Replied in "It depends"
    I usually take a small bag of primes with me on vacation, as well as a 70-210/4 (just in case). I don't carry them around with me, I pick one based on my "best guess" for the particulars of the ...
  • I've been using focus peaking with f/1.4 lenses and tend to get my subjects in focus, including eyes if that is what I am going for. The strength of the highlighting depends on many factors, both...

  • On many cameras, both DSLRs and mirrorless, there is a neat trick you can do with live view on the LCD screen (and with an EVF). Set the camera to record raw, and set it to B/W mode with focus...

  • With focus peaking, an EVF allows you to have your subject anywhere in the frame— even the edges or corners. I am learning that many lenses with "soft corners" really just have a curved focal...

  • Replied in All the time!
    I live near a small lake, a walk around it is about a mile and a half. It is a common path for dog walks, I have been repeating the circuit for over 15 years. Whenever I get new gear, I test it ...
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