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On article Ming Thein joins Hasselblad as Chief of Strategy (346 comments in total)

Congratulations to Ming Thein! This is great news for Hasselblad.

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On article HDR for the Rest of Us (196 comments in total)
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Steve Parkin: I used to love this site when it first started. Now its a collection area for all the cynics and know it alls in the photography world. Not to say some good folks aren't still out there. HDR - like it or hate it, is its own thing. It amazes me how arrogant people can be. Because somebody doesn't like something, it should be ridiculed and banned for not meeting their standards of what looks good. There's a ton of art out there that I don't like; but ripping people down or condemning entire types or styles because I don't agree with them? Pretty narrow minded. Do what you love your way guys. If something doesn't work for you, move on. There's nothing wrong with other people doing things outside the box. Are we all supposed to shoot the exact same way?

"There's nothing wrong with other people doing things outside the box"
No, except that there is nothing outside the box with "HDR" as everyone and its dog is doing it.

And don't forget: Reducing a scene with a high dynamic (luminance) range into a narrow range image, using the local adaptation tone mapping method is not HDR in itself.

We have the right to not always like that kind of images! Impressive at first, it gets tiring after a while (you could even develop some kind of allergy to unicorn poop).

'Good to see an article reminding us that HDR (reduction) is not always HDR local adaptation tone mapping

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