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  • So as I understand it the referenced masters are still where they were but the Photos app has lost the connection to them? Is there any question that you might have re-named or re-located the ...
  • Have a look at this one: http://outdoorsgps.com EDIT...see it is UK only
  • Thanks...this is a great tool. I suspect your post seems to have been largely ignored because people think....yawn....."another edit extension for Photos".......without actually realising that it ...
  • NO photos are stored in the Photos app. As previous reply your photos are stored in the Photos library. You don't need to move the application, only the library.
  • Replied in MBP Error
    NOT easily replaceable if it is a retina MBP. Soldered to the motherboard. The retina MBP was introduced in June 2012, and the OP has not said which he has.
  • Replied in MBP Error
    A quick Google suggests that three beeps is indicative of a RAM issue. Is the MacBook Pro a retina model (no DVD drive), or the previous model (with DVD drive)? The older model has user replaceable ...
  • What Apple says about preparing your Mac to sell or give away: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201065
  • Etrecheck is a good idea. It will likely point out problems which you can address yourself but good idea to post on ASC as well.
  • If your MacBook Pro is indeed a retina model it already has a very fast solid state flash drive. Defragging solid state drives is considered a bad idea. Googling "slow Mac" will give a number of ...
  • Replied in Mac Infected
    Someone already mentioned it but I would absolutely download and run the excellent and free Anti-Malwarebytes for Mac which used to be Adware Medic. Very quick very easy, and I will surprised if it ...
  • I own both the Lacie Rugged 4Tb portable TB drive, and also three Seagate Fast 4Tb USB3 drives. Both types are hardware Raid 0 devices holding spinning disks. As others have said there is no ...
  • I think modern SSDs have their own built in methods of keeping themselves healthy and do not rely on TRIM as earlier ones used to.
  • A spinning disk in the optical bay would not be slowed down by SATA 1 vs SATA 2 or 3. An SSD might be, but a spinning disk is slow enough not to be limited by SATA 1. In fact putting an SATA 3 ...
  • Indeed. As I said earlier I would suspect camera, card or reader, and if it only occurs very intermittently will be difficult to track down.
  • A good option for yours, but not an option for any retina MBP, which don't have CD drives.
  • No retina MBPs have had optical DVD drives, but agree it is no dinosaur, and worth upgrading. Devices like the tiny Samsung T2 would be options to upgrading the internal storage.
  • From this I assume you have proved to yourself that your corruption problem is caused by the Photos app? IE if you view the same pics in other apps there is no problem? I have read a lot of ...
  • If you find the same corruption is occurring when the photos are viewed with other apps, I would suspect some kind of corruption at the capture stage....either camera, card or card reader. Of ...
  • You were quite right of course! I mis-read thinking that the destination volume was full. Mike Bombich always gives excellent and personal support to CCC issues with quick and detailed replies. I ...
  • The default setting in CCC is to save all deleted and changed files to a folder called "_CCC Safety net". In this respect it is a little bit like Time Machine as these older files are recoverable I ...
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