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rrr_hhh: With so many great new cameras around, I would prefer if DPreview was concentrating on speedy cameras reviews.

I remember a time when reading the reviews of my favorite photo amateur magazines it was all like déjà vu. But now it goes the other way around : their reviews are already out, but we are till waiting for the definitive review of DPreview for too many cameras. And what do you do in the mean time ? Review toy apps !

Well thanks for letting us know why you're leaving the site. We'll all miss your insightful comments!

(BTW - what was the name of the site you prefer?)

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But she's right of course. She should settle for "just-good-enough" (like her fiance is). After all, why bother spending all that money documenting a marriage that probably won't last anyway? Eventually her husband's going to figure out what a mistake he made marrying a fool that's embarrassed herself on the internet...

Little Princess in Pugent Sound should just ask everybody that attends her magical day to take photos with their own cameras and iphones and send them all to her. Then, when she gets back from the honeymoon she can sort through 15,000 mostly-crappy images and decide which ones to keep and touch up. Because 99 monkeys typing for 99 years....

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