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Refer to my post 2 days ago. I redid the same comparison test at the UC Berkeley store today. All results were the same and did 2 more comparisons: 1. The camera built into the new iPad shows more resolution than the old iPad (but who cares). 2. Comparing a high resolution image on You Tube showed no difference between the two iPads (as verified by 2 salespeople and one student). Finally three new review announcements appeared on the web today, they all say there is no difference in image resolution on the new ipad, only it has a better camera in. Do the comparison yourself before you buy.

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3/17/2012 IPAD1/ new IPAD for photos. I just took my iPad 1 down to the apple mother ship store in SF. I compared 2 of my photos viewed on my iPad 1 and the new iPad. My photos were taken with a canon s95, and worked on in photoshop (layers/mask) on PC, and were sent wireless to my iPad. The 2 photos were 2.1mp jpg and 3.8mp jpg. I emailed both to myself and then compared the two as viewed on my ipad1 and the new iPad in the store. The results (as verified by the store sales person): the 3.8mp photo had a significantly higher resolution on the ipad1 compared to the new iPad, and the 2.1mp had somewhat higher resolution. We then went on to compare the logo on google search on both iPads and found it to be of equal resolution. But, the resolution on the icons on the home page of the new iPad was signicantly better then the icons on my ipad1. I strongly suggest that if you are considering upgrading to the new iPad, run a test, and post the results. Any thoughts on what I experienced?

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